The team from board game design company Soaring Rhino is giving everyone a chance to be a game board game designer with there latest release massive core.  

About massive core 

On Aderstrom the world has turned to darkness. Powerful beings have learned to tap into the planet’s core, the only true energy source.  

The once peaceful Aderstrom has become a world full of darkness torn apart by the violent struggle for dominance. 

Amid this darkness one beacon of hope has arisen. Thea, using the same power of the world’s core, fights to redeem her world from the chaos that now prevails.

In Massive Core, players use a leader deck representing a faction from Aderstrom.  The players create a “board” using locations cards and leader cards to create a 5 x 5 grid.  

They then battle each other by playing characters, some revealed and some unrevealed, and blasts to do damage to their opponent’s forces and CoreTap.  

If a player can do 24 damage to the opponent’s CoreTap, that player wins the game.

The game is for two players and takes around 30min per game following in the footsteps of games like star realms and magic the gathering however the game has a major twist. 

Massive Core is a new two player card game with a twist the game the will be crowd-developed by the players of the game and its community

A new concept for print and play games with the game being developed by the fans of the game and the board game community. This twist is an exciting concept that may change things in the print and play genre. 

The Soaring Rhino have created a forum over at where people can join them in creating the game.

Massive Core is a free print and play game. It will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). 

The team have created the skeleton of the game and are looking for creative people to help develop it.  

They have created a forum for people to contribute card ideas, art, 3D components, new factions, rules ideas, story development, and whatever else creative minds can supply.  

The plan is for a new release to be published every quarter from the team at soaring rhino games giving player a current official version of the game.

The game is currently in the Beta phase.  With the the first official release scheduled for later in December 2019.  

The official files will be posted on the Massive Core game page.

Click here to head over to the page and check it out and find out more details.

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