Board Games Published in 1996

Full List of Board Games Published in 1996

List includes, Player Count and if the game is an Expansion

NameExpansionPublishedPlayer Count
Hannibal: Rome vs. CarthageFALSE19962-2 Players
NetrunnerFALSE19962-2 Players
Catan Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Age of RenaissanceFALSE19963-6 Players
Show ManagerFALSE19962-6 Players
Serenissima (first edition)FALSE19962-4 Players
ExpeditionFALSE19962-6 Players
Top RaceFALSE19962-6 Players
MarraCashFALSE19963-4 Players
Detroit-Cleveland Grand PrixFALSE19962-6 Players
Space Hulk (second edition)FALSE19962-2 Players
EntdeckerFALSE19962-4 Players
Stalingrad Pocket (second edition)FALSE19962-2 Players
MythosFALSE19961-1 Players
Gloria PicktoriaFALSE19962-5 Players
BamboleoFALSE19962-7 Players
Kill Doctor LuckyFALSE19963-7 Players
Hannibal: Rome vs. CarthageFALSE19962-2 Players
NetrunnerFALSE19962-2 Players
Catan Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Age of RenaissanceFALSE19963-6 Players
Show ManagerFALSE19962-6 Players
Serenissima (first edition)FALSE19962-4 Players
ExpeditionFALSE19962-6 Players
Top RaceFALSE19962-6 Players
MarraCashFALSE19963-4 Players
Detroit-Cleveland Grand PrixFALSE19962-6 Players
Space Hulk (second edition)FALSE19962-2 Players
EntdeckerFALSE19962-4 Players
Stalingrad Pocket (second edition)FALSE19962-2 Players
MythosFALSE19961-1 Players
Gloria PicktoriaFALSE19962-5 Players
BamboleoFALSE19962-7 Players
Kill Doctor LuckyFALSE19963-7 Players
CompatibilityFALSE19964-6 Players
Stonewall’s Last BattleFALSE19961-2 Players
1000 Blank White CardsFALSE19963-99 Players
Air BaronFALSE19962-6 Players
SamuraiFALSE19962-2 Players
ChronologyFALSE19962-8 Players
Barbarossa: Army Group South, 1941FALSE19961-4 Players
25 Words or LessFALSE19964- Players
BattleTech CCGFALSE19962-2 Players
The Very Clever Pipe GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Buy Low Sell HighFALSE19962-4 Players
Members OnlyFALSE19963-5 Players
Great War at Sea: The MediterraneanFALSE19962-2 Players
Stargrunt IIFALSE19962-4 Players
CrossFire: Rules & Organizations for Company Level WW2 GamingFALSE19962-6 Players
Ol!FALSE19963-8 Players
Give Me the Brain!FALSE19963-8 Players
Wat’n dat!?FALSE19963-8 Players
City of ChaosFALSE19961-6 Players
CampanileFALSE19962-5 Players
Warzone (first edition)FALSE19962-2 Players
ZorndorfFALSE19961-2 Players
SisimiziFALSE19962-4 Players
Honor of the SamuraiFALSE19963-6 Players
Five CrownsFALSE19962-7 Players
Champion HillFALSE19961-2 Players
LerosFALSE19962-2 Players
Johnny Reb IIIFALSE19962-2 Players
Chess 960FALSE19962-2 Players
AvalamFALSE19962-2 Players
GD ’41FALSE19962-2 Players
China MoonFALSE19962-5 Players
QuadsFALSE19962-2 Players
DowntownFALSE19963-6 Players
Yucata’FALSE19962-4 Players
Supermarina I: Command at Sea Volume IIFALSE19962-12 Players
JENA!FALSE19962-3 Players
LuftschiffFALSE19961-2 Players
The Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee’s Campaigns, 1861-1863FALSE19962-2 Players
Krieg! World War II in EuropeFALSE19962-3 Players
The Great War in the Near EastFALSE19962-2 Players
Highlander: The Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Red Steel: Clash Of Armor At KishinevFALSE19962-2 Players
Reinforce the Right!FALSE19961-2 Players
Alexandria, 1801FALSE19962-2 Players
Grand National DerbyFALSE19962-5 Players
XXXenophileFALSE19962-5 Players
SmokejumpersFALSE19961-1 Players
Boing!FALSE19962-4 Players
Die Ritter von der HaselnussFALSE19962-4 Players
Das GROSSE und das kleine AFALSE19963-9 Players
Hallo Dachs!FALSE19962-4 Players
Weapons & Warriors: Pirate BattleFALSE19962-2 Players
X PaschFALSE19963-6 Players
Word-WhizFALSE19962-4 Players
ZarcanaFALSE19962-4 Players
Scum: The Food Chain GameFALSE19964-1 Players
Barnyard BuddiesFALSE19962-8 Players
Dark Age: Feudal LordsFALSE19962-2 Players
CrossCribbFALSE19961-6 Players
Lunch MoneyFALSE19962-4 Players
FireFALSE19962-5 Players
Fields of Glory: Oudenarde & MalplaquetFALSE19962-2 Players
Champs de bataille: Soissons 486 et Poitiers 732FALSE19962-2 Players
ByzantiumFALSE19962-4 Players
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
TwinsFALSE19963-6 Players
PricelessFALSE19962-4 Players
Rocroi 1643FALSE19962-2 Players
First Afghan WarFALSE19962-2 Players
MnchhausenFALSE19963-8 Players
MonstertorteFALSE19962-4 Players
TrainSport: AustriaFALSE19963-5 Players
221B Baker St.: Sherlock Holmes & the Time MachineFALSE19962-6 Players
The Lost World Jurassic Park GameFALSE19962-4 Players
MalarkyFALSE19963-6 Players
Lords of the RenaissanceFALSE19962-12 Players
Der Garten des SonnenknigsFALSE19962-5 Players
Dicemaster: Cities of DoomFALSE19962-2 Players
Emmerlaus Duel of MagesFALSE19962-1 Players
PicusFALSE19962-5 Players
Fireside FootballFALSE19963-6 Players
PicoFALSE19962-3 Players
Redemption: City of BondageFALSE19961-4 Players
Ben HurtFALSE19964-8 Players
Safe Return DoubtfulFALSE19961-5 Players
Ponte VecchioFALSE19963-5 Players
Die SafeknackerFALSE19963-5 Players
Take TwoFALSE19962-7 Players
Gangland!FALSE19963-8 Players
The Battle for North AfricaFALSE19962-4 Players
ThrillFALSE19962-6 Players
The Forgotten War: KoreaFALSE19962-2 Players
Fontenoy 1745FALSE19962-2 Players
Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board GameFALSE19963-6 Players
Mukden: Climax of the Russo-Japanese WarFALSE19962-2 Players
SchwarzmarktFALSE19963-5 Players
XochintlanFALSE19962-5 Players
Moscow Burning: The Next Russian Civil WarFALSE19962-2 Players
Hot DogFALSE19962-5 Players
TranssibFALSE19963-5 Players
EquateFALSE19962-4 Players
Operation ApocalypseFALSE19961-1 Players
StonewallFALSE19962-4 Players
Pain Doctors: The Game of Recreational SurgeryFALSE19962-6 Players
Ex & HoppFALSE19962-6 Players
Dragon StormFALSE19962-8 Players
SS Panzer: Bloodbath at KurskFALSE19961-2 Players
LifetimeFALSE19963-6 Players
Saludos Amigos!FALSE19964-7 Players
Trivial Pursuit: Genus IVFALSE19962-6 Players
Mastermind for KidsFALSE19962-2 Players
Arcadia: The Wyld HuntFALSE19961-5 Players
Battle CattleFALSE19962-8 Players
Stone SoupFALSE19962-5 Players
Shit!FALSE19962-6 Players
Turbulent TopFALSE19962-8 Players
Bleeding SherwoodFALSE19963-5 Players
Battle of Buena VistaFALSE19962-2 Players
Star Trek: The Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
BiovivaFALSE19962-6 Players
Treasure QuestFALSE19962-2 Players
Cows Can’t Dance (but they like to be asked)FALSE19962-5 Players
SchampusFALSE19962-6 Players
Riddles & RichesFALSE19962-4 Players
Monopoly: Coca-Cola Collector’s EditionFALSE19962-8 Players
ColoramaFALSE19961-6 Players
Ab die Post!FALSE19963-6 Players
Ziff ZoffFALSE19962-2 Players
YaliFALSE19962-2 Players
Bop It!FALSE19961-99 Players
Up & DownFALSE19962-6 Players
Ani-MayhemFALSE19961-4 Players
InfernoFALSE19962-5 Players
Chaos ProgenitusFALSE19962-6 Players
Morgan’s RevengeFALSE1996– Players
X-FilesFALSE19962-2 Players
The Tick: Hip Deep in Evil!FALSE19962-4 Players
Scrabble UpFALSE19962-2 Players
Operation CannibalFALSE19962-2 Players
VegasFALSE19962-4 Players
PolitikaFALSE19963-7 Players
Life on the Farm Board GameFALSE19962-6 Players
XXLFALSE19961-6 Players
Star Trek: The Next Generation Collectible Dice GameFALSE19962-2 Players
The Cat in the Hat GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Dino HuntFALSE19962-4 Players
Penguin Pile-UpFALSE19961-6 Players
Monopoly: Australian EditionFALSE19962-8 Players
Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham GameFALSE19962-4 Players
James Ernest’s Totally Renamed Spy GameFALSE19963-6 Players
Monty Python and the Holy Grail CCGFALSE19962-2 Players
Clue Jr.: The Case of the Hidden ToysFALSE19962-4 Players
Kings in the CornerFALSE19962-6 Players
Mystery on the NileFALSE19962-6 Players
Non-Violent, Politically-Correct WarFALSE19962-4 Players
Monopoly: Star Wars Limited Collector’s EditionFALSE19962-8 Players
Doctor Who Collectible Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Cashflow 101FALSE19962-6 Players
Mad GabFALSE19962-12 Players
Bitin’ Off HedzFALSE19962-8 Players
WadjetFALSE19962-4 Players
BrauereiFALSE19963-6 Players
The Garden GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Green Thumb CardsFALSE19962-5 Players
Don’t Make Me LaughFALSE19962-16 Players
Stir CrazyFALSE19966-12 Players
Paule PanikFALSE19962-5 Players
Road WarriorFALSE19962-8 Players
Tschau KnackiFALSE19963-4 Players
WalkaboutFALSE19963-6 Players
Chill Out!FALSE19962-4 Players
Um Kopf und KragenFALSE19963-7 Players
Der Schatz des PharaosFALSE19962-6 Players
DoubleFALSE19962-6 Players
Nix fr Ungut!FALSE19962-5 Players
Finger-Flick Sports: BaseballFALSE19962-2 Players
Queen Victoria’s NavyFALSE19961-2 Players
Express ChessFALSE19962-2 Players
ComebackFALSE19962-4 Players
Director’s CutFALSE19962-18 Players
CaravansrailFALSE19966-8 Players
Catan: 5-6 Player ExtensionTRUE19965-6 Players
ThebenFALSE19962-2 Players
Square DanceFALSE19962-2 Players
HeadlinesFALSE19962-6 Players
Komme GleichFALSE19962-6 Players
PitagorasFALSE19962-5 Players
Daumen DraufFALSE19962-7 Players
1876FALSE19962-5 Players
QuickitFALSE19962-22 Players
Baywatch: The GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Ostindien CompanyFALSE19963-5 Players
Hol’s der TeufelFALSE19963-5 Players
TripjatFALSE19962-3 Players
Sharpe’s AttackFALSE19962-2 Players
PolitricsFALSE19962-6 Players
Royal CometteFALSE19963-6 Players
Ludus RomanusFALSE19962-2 Players
China TopfFALSE19962-4 Players
RisiKard!FALSE19963-6 Players
Killer InstinctFALSE19962-2 Players
Ferrari F1FALSE19962-4 Players
Il gioco del campionatoFALSE19963-8 Players
Il gioco della Formula UnoFALSE19962-6 Players
D3 Time WarriorsFALSE19962-2 Players
Hold Everything!FALSE19962-6 Players
U.E.F.A.FALSE19962-2 Players
AeronautikaFALSE19962-6 Players
How to Host a Murder: Roman RuinsFALSE19968-8 Players
A Bold StrokeFALSE19962-2 Players
Nick at Nite Classic TV Trivia GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Das Trojanische SpielFALSE19962-2 Players
Dark Horizon: EscapeFALSE19962-6 Players
Trial of the CenturyFALSE19962-4 Players
Fill ‘er Up!FALSE19961-3 Players
The Voyage of the MayflowerFALSE19961-4 Players
An Evening of Murder: Terminal EspionageFALSE19968-8 Players
Mysteries by Vincent: Case of the Wirst Case ScenarioFALSE19961-1 Players
Dicemaster: Wilds of DoomTRUE19961-2 Players
Dicemaster: Doom CubesTRUE19961-2 Players
Mysteries by Vincent: A Very Domestic DemiseFALSE19968-8 Players
Mysteries by Vincent: Boogie Woogie Bungle UpFALSE19968-8 Players
Mysteries by Vincent: High Noon on the Silver SpittoonFALSE19968-8 Players
Mysteries by Vincent: Murder in MontanaFALSE19968-8 Players
How to Host a Murder: The Good, The Bad & The GuiltyFALSE19968-8 Players
ScandinaviaFALSE19962-6 Players
Europa Universalis Extension No 1TRUE19961-8 Players
JEDFALSE19963-5 Players
MetasquaresFALSE1996– Players
WritersportsFALSE19961-1 Players
The Coach’s GameFALSE19962-2 Players
RiesenflugzeugabteilungenTRUE19961-2 Players
Monopoly: HawaiiFALSE19962-8 Players
Wedago: The Warriors CircleFALSE19962-2 Players
Frhling, Sommer, Herbst und WinterFALSE19962-4 Players
FlaschenpostFALSE19962-6 Players
Election DayFALSE19962-4 Players
Mystical CircleFALSE19961-4 Players
Afrikan thti korttipeliFALSE19961-5 Players
PargolfFALSE19961-4 Players
Pack die SiebenFALSE19963-6 Players
ArguileFALSE19962-2 Players
ChroniclesFALSE19962-5 Players
Top QuarkFALSE19962-2 Players
Murder Mystery Party: Murder on the S. S. TitaniaFALSE19968-8 Players
3 SPOT gameFALSE19962-2 Players
Wyrm WarsFALSE19962-8 Players
The Odd-Ball ScenarioTRUE19962-6 Players
RavenFALSE19962-2 Players
Match ‘EmFALSE19962-4 Players
Jumble PlusFALSE19962-12 Players
Jury TrialFALSE19962-4 Players
Fox OneFALSE19962-6 Players
BananasFALSE19962-4 Players
Deflect 5FALSE19962-2 Players
WeimarFALSE19964-7 Players
Warhammer AdventuresFALSE19962-2 Players
Principles of War: NapoleonicsFALSE19962-1 Players
Busine$$ GOFALSE19962-5 Players
Hostile AircraftFALSE19962-12 Players
They Met At GettysburgFALSE19962-2 Players
Tracks to TiticacaFALSE19962-6 Players
Daytona ChallengeFALSE19962-1 Players
GalaxyFALSE19961-16 Players
PloughsharesFALSE19961-8 Players
Atlas AdventuresFALSE19962-4 Players
Goblin KingFALSE19964-5 Players
Medieval EmpiresFALSE19963-4 Players
Serata in Giallo: Sangue BluFALSE19966-6 Players
Arthur Goes to the LibraryFALSE19962-4 Players
I Giochi del 2000: Dream teamFALSE19962-3 Players
Farm FamiliesFALSE19962-4 Players
Star Wars: Corellian SmugglerFALSE19961-1 Players
Rough RidersFALSE19961-2 Players
Toying With DestructionFALSE19962-8 Players
Dish It Up!FALSE19962-4 Players
Cross-CityFALSE19963-6 Players
NewsmakerFALSE19962-6 Players
Music ManiaFALSE19962-4 Players
Diplomacy: Hundred VariantTRUE19963-3 Players
CambioFALSE19962-3 Players
Sing SingFALSE19962-5 Players
Der KesselFALSE19961-1 Players
Battlechrome: Fire & SteelFALSE19962-2 Players
BattlechromeFALSE19962-6 Players
Melathlon: Il gioco per mangiare da campioniFALSE19962-4 Players
Foot LooseFALSE19962-6 Players
ClucheFALSE19964- Players
Jogo do ConanFALSE19962-2 Players
Goosebumps: One Day at Horrorland GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Vier zu mir!FALSE19963-8 Players
CubicadoFALSE19961-5 Players
Portsmouth Harbour Trail GameFALSE1996– Players
Nerf Swish Shot BasketballFALSE19962-2 Players
Toy Story Toys AwayFALSE19962-4 Players
Goosebumps: A Night in Terror Tower GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Mr. Peter PiperFALSE19962-2 Players
Murder la carte: Burritos & BandidosFALSE19966-8 Players
La Campagne de Gettysburg, 1863FALSE19962-2 Players
CatnipFALSE19962-3 Players
The Lost World Hunt…and Be Hunted Card GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Make It Up!FALSE19961-3 Players
New World Order, Axis & Allies VariantTRUE19962-5 Players
The Busytown Board GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Clash of Steel: Battleship Engagements of WWIIFALSE19962-2 Players
One Road too FarFALSE19962-2 Players
Strike NorthFALSE19962-2 Players
Nerf Slamkick SoccerFALSE19962-2 Players
Fat ChanceFALSE19962-6 Players
My Dog Can Do ThatFALSE19961-4 Players
HogwashFALSE19962-2 Players
RoolzFALSE19962-6 Players
MacArthur’s WarFALSE19962-2 Players
The Big OneFALSE19962-2 Players
Mutabor: Im Irrgarten des KalifenFALSE19962-4 Players
RummageFALSE19963-6 Players
Hoorah!FALSE19962-2 Players
Star Wars Miniatures Battles: Imperial EntanglementsTRUE19962-6 Players
U.S. RailsFALSE19962-6 Players
CodswallopFALSE19962-2 Players
Word SpinFALSE19961-8 Players
Four Function SnapFALSE19962-2 Players
Wide OpenFALSE19962-4 Players
Fantasy Rules!FALSE19962-12 Players
Happy Ever AfterFALSE19962-4 Players
Stealth: The GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Ferrocarriles PampasFALSE19963-5 Players
MorenFALSE19961-8 Players
6 kleine SpieleFALSE19962-4 Players
ZwergenkrnleinFALSE19962-6 Players
Detektiv SprnaseFALSE19963-6 Players
CybernautFALSE19962-2 Players
3 3/4 LapsFALSE19961-12 Players
Civil PowerFALSE19962-3 Players
Maisy ABC GameFALSE19961-4 Players
Schloss RabensteinFALSE19962-6 Players
Nur MutFALSE19962-7 Players
Connect the StarsFALSE19962-4 Players
Monkey SwingFALSE19962-4 Players
Muscle ManFALSE19962-4 Players
AgoraFALSE19962-2 Players
Best Number Game Ever!FALSE19961-6 Players
Madeline’s HouseFALSE19962-4 Players
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #1TRUE1996– Players
What Time Is It?FALSE19962-5 Players
Duhner WattrennenFALSE19962-6 Players
Das StreuhandspielFALSE19964-6 Players
Run OffFALSE19962-5 Players
Treasure HuntersFALSE19962-2 Players
Space DominosFALSE19962-6 Players
Spit It Out!FALSE19964-2 Players
Oxford By DegreesFALSE19962-6 Players
Susi SpinneFALSE19962-4 Players
Taz-MayhemFALSE19962-2 Players
Atmosfear: The Soul RangersTRUE19963-6 Players
Arthur’s DominoesFALSE19962-4 Players
Knock DownFALSE19962-8 Players
Greenline: ChechnyaFALSE19961-2 Players
Blood MasterFALSE19962-6 Players
World DashFALSE19961-4 Players
Mountain ClimbFALSE19962-2 Players
PlschtownFALSE19962-4 Players
Slaughter BallFALSE19962-2 Players
Missionary: ImpossibleFALSE19962-6 Players
TrioletFALSE19962-4 Players
Breeders: Initial ContactFALSE19962-2 Players
Fishin’ AroundFALSE19962-4 Players
Eye RememberFALSE19963-99 Players
The Moscow Option: Guderian’s GambitFALSE19962-2 Players
Ingls Letra a LetraFALSE19962-4 Players
TOPONA The Original People Of North AmericaFALSE19962-6 Players
StripstropFALSE19962-6 Players
Brain WarpFALSE19961-6 Players
Emperor of the SteppesFALSE19963-6 Players
The Alphabet GameFALSE19961-4 Players
The Fine Art GameFALSE19962-4 Players
PagodaFALSE19962-4 Players
Murphy’s Magic MansionFALSE19962-6 Players
Legions of Steel: PlanetstormFALSE19962-2 Players
GambioFALSE19962-6 Players
Gallant KnightsFALSE19962-4 Players
Tut TutFALSE19962-4 Players
The Yukon Gold RushFALSE19962-6 Players
AmentaFALSE19961-7 Players
StarcrossedFALSE19962-2 Players
Doctor Who: Invasion EarthFALSE19962-2 Players
Hell for LeatherFALSE19962-6 Players
White Star / Blue SkyTRUE19961-6 Players
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open FireFALSE19962-2 Players
Risk 2042TRUE19963-5 Players
Necromunda: OutlandersTRUE19962-4 Players
La Bataille d’EckmhlFALSE19962-2 Players
Horsepower: 5000 Expansion Set 1 World RailsTRUE1996– Players
IllusionsFALSE19962-6 Players
Hvornr var det nu det var?FALSE19962-2 Players
Hst speletFALSE19962-5 Players
Abbeville 1940FALSE19962-2 Players
QuadraFALSE19962-2 Players
Top ZwoFALSE19962-4 Players
HelixFALSE19962-6 Players
One MoreFALSE19962-2 Players
berflieger: Kleine Solo-SpieleFALSE19961-1 Players
Damon Hill Motorsport Board GameFALSE19962-8 Players
TotopoliFALSE19962-6 Players
Pin HighFALSE19962-4 Players
Trivial Pursuit Junior Fourth EditionFALSE19962-4 Players
Grant Takes CommandTRUE19962-2 Players
Blank ExpressionFALSE19962-2 Players
MeaslesFALSE19962-2 Players
PerchanceFALSE19962-8 Players
DrhombixFALSE19962-2 Players
Pooh Honey Pot Hunt GameFALSE19962-4 Players
EscapadesFALSE19962-2 Players
Sign It!FALSE19962-6 Players
I Giochi del 2000: Posto di CombattimentoFALSE19962-2 Players
GawpFALSE19961-8 Players
Murder Mystery Party: Murder at Tall OaksFALSE19968-8 Players
DecisionsFALSE19962-6 Players
Politics As UsualFALSE19963-6 Players
Might of ArmsFALSE19962-2 Players
Reise-QuizFALSE19963-1 Players
Buy It Right Shopping GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Barbie Sparkle Kingdom GameFALSE19962-4 Players
The Original Fortune Telling Board GameFALSE19961-6 Players
CatchpennyFALSE19962-6 Players
18GM: The 18XX GameMasterFALSE19962-9 Players
Baraque de Fraiture: The Battle for Parker’s CrossroadsTRUE19962-2 Players
Where the Iron Crosses GrowTRUE19962-2 Players
Cemetery HillTRUE19962-2 Players
Unbelievable!FALSE19963-6 Players
Predators & PreyFALSE19962-4 Players
GoetheFALSE19962-54 Players
How To Host A Teen Mystery: Barbecue With The VampireFALSE19968-8 Players
Monopoly: MoscowFALSE19962-6 Players
ToverschoenenFALSE19962-4 Players
Awesome Animals Card GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Mega GolfFALSE19962-4 Players
Double Trouble / The Calendar GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Political RouletteFALSE19962-4 Players
Top Gear: The GameFALSE1996– Players
Delta Pi 7FALSE19962-2 Players
Football PokerFALSE19962-2 Players
Digital EmpiresFALSE19962-1 Players
Charlotte SquareFALSE19962-6 Players
Serata in Giallo: Luna di Miele sul NiloFALSE19967-7 Players
Schreck lass nach!FALSE19962-5 Players
Perry Rhodan SammelkartenspielFALSE19962-5 Players
PelotnFALSE19962-2 Players
Fore!FALSE19961-4 Players
The Big Book of Games Volume OneFALSE19962-6 Players
Team Out! HockeyFALSE19962-6 Players
No Pasaran!: Mallorca 1936TRUE19962-2 Players
Funny Ha-Ha!FALSE19962-6 Players
La Bataille de FriedlandFALSE19962-2 Players
Up To My @*! In AlligatorsFALSE19962-1 Players
Operation Husky: The Campaign for SicilyFALSE19961-2 Players
Capital TalouspeliFALSE19962-6 Players
Floaties & Sinkies!TRUE19962-2 Players
KwazFALSE19962-4 Players
Bus StopFALSE19962-4 Players
Monopoly: PittsburghFALSE19962-8 Players
Warhammer MagicTRUE1996– Players
Star Fleet Battles: Module G1 Master Annex FileTRUE19962-12 Players
Mana MaoriFALSE19962-6 Players
JestediblesFALSE19962-12 Players
Zoo ManiaFALSE19962-1 Players
Nebula RaidersFALSE19962-6 Players
Star Fleet Battles: Campaign Designer’s HandbookTRUE19962-12 Players
NemesisFALSE19962-6 Players
El Salvador 1992FALSE19961-2 Players
Kleine AusreierFALSE19962-4 Players
Twisted TalesFALSE19962-4 Players
Monochrome ChessFALSE19962-2 Players
Deadloque (first edition)TRUE19962-2 Players
SpeakeasyFALSE19964-99 Players
Phantasia in KinderhandFALSE19963-5 Players
Arsouf 1191FALSE19962-2 Players
Romantic RendezvousFALSE19962-2 Players
The New Kid’s Choices Board GameFALSE19963-6 Players
Monopoly: Centennial Olympic GamesFALSE19962-6 Players
Eins, Vier, VieleFALSE19962-4 Players
Cricket WicketFALSE19961-4 Players
Die Maus im NackenFALSE19962-4 Players
Finger-Flick Sports: BasketballFALSE19962-2 Players
Das Bodensee SpielFALSE19962-6 Players
WiretapFALSE19962-2 Players
Galactic Space GamesFALSE19962-4 Players
Scrambled Heads!FALSE19964- Players
Silly SandwichesFALSE19962-6 Players
Poetryslam Magnetic Word GameFALSE19962-8 Players
K’DORFALSE19962-2 Players
ImagineFALSE19963-6 Players
Good-bye to DengueFALSE1996– Players
The New Teen ChoicesFALSE19963-8 Players
1831FALSE19963-1 Players
The Book of Pop-Up Board GamesFALSE19962-4 Players
Formule D: World ChampionshipTRUE19962-1 Players
Monopoli: 60 Anniversario Limited Edition 1936-1996FALSE19962-6 Players
The Maryland GameFALSE19962-4 Players
LeudalspelFALSE19962-6 Players
Anime MadnessFALSE19962-2 Players
Kid-CalaFALSE19962-2 Players
Urheilu tietopeliFALSE19962-6 Players
Ord GeniFALSE19962-6 Players
India’s Epic Mahabharata GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Warlords & WizardsFALSE19962-2 Players
Het ElfstedenspelFALSE19962-5 Players
AusgebxtFALSE19962-4 Players
AffenstarkFALSE19962-4 Players
Komische AutosFALSE19961-5 Players
The Beaver Tooth GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Symbol-8FALSE19962-4 Players
Campaign Trail ’96FALSE19962-1 Players
Go Fish For LettersFALSE19962-2 Players
Was siehst du?FALSE19961-6 Players
Smoke on the WaterFALSE19962-2 Players
Red Dwarf: The Card GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Kort AlfapetFALSE19962-4 Players
EvolutionsFALSE19962-6 Players
Maths Me!FALSE19962-4 Players
Snap Election!FALSE19962-6 Players
Break DownFALSE19962-2 Players
WoidzFALSE19962-2 Players
Heroes in SpaceTRUE19962-2 Players
Burn Out!FALSE19962-4 Players
Moneywise KidsFALSE19962-2 Players
Where in Time Is Carmen SandiegoFALSE19962-4 Players
MythFALSE19962-6 Players
Team Out! BaseballFALSE19962-6 Players
Cool Cash BingoFALSE19962-4 Players
KsepartyFALSE19962-4 Players
Where’s Wally? The GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Holy Hack: Hacking by the BookFALSE19962-8 Players
WoRDWeRXFALSE19962-2 Players
Divide and ConquerFALSE19962-2 Players
Star Wars Miniatures Battles: Vehicles Starter SetTRUE19962-6 Players
Moneyworld Inve$torFALSE19962-5 Players
V. L. C.: Very Large CreaturesFALSE19962-2 Players
El joc del mnFALSE19963-8 Players
PadaxaFALSE19962-2 Players
HierarchyFALSE19962-6 Players
Aussie-ASL ’96 PackTRUE19962-2 Players
UthiniFALSE19962-2 Players
Fire and Fury: Great Eastern Battles Scenario BookTRUE19962-1 Players
PlatschFALSE19962-6 Players
After Dinner GamesFALSE19962-2 Players
ArneFALSE19962-2 Players
BrenhungerFALSE19962-4 Players
PortfolioFALSE19962-4 Players
Sailors KnotFALSE19961-1 Players
Harpoon 4 Player’s HandbookTRUE19962-2 Players
Plomo y SalitreFALSE19962-1 Players
Fire and Steel: Skirmish Wargames Rules 1700 to 1900FALSE19962-8 Players
Silent Death Forces: SunrunnersTRUE19962-8 Players
Silent Death Tech: WarhoundsTRUE19962-8 Players
Silent Death Races: Night Brood First ContactTRUE19962-8 Players
Dizzy DryerFALSE19962-4 Players
After Dinner GamesFALSE1996– Players
Ajax: The GameFALSE19962-2 Players
ClicheblesFALSE19962-5 Players
Fact or OpinionFALSE19962-6 Players
Monopoly: Los AngelesFALSE19962-6 Players
ShaNuCoFALSE19962-6 Players
Rhino RushFALSE19962-4 Players
Horse-Racing TycoonFALSE19962-4 Players
Hot SlotsFALSE19961- Players
The Math GameFALSE19961-4 Players
Subbuteo SquadsFALSE19962-2 Players
The Rottnest Island GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Elections The Race to the White HouseFALSE19962-4 Players
They Think It’s All OverFALSE1996– Players
Jetan-SarangFALSE19962-2 Players
Independence Day The GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Phase 10 UpSetsFALSE19962-4 Players
Jatkosota: Finland’s Continuation War for ASLTRUE19961-2 Players
Vaya cacao!FALSE19964-4 Players
TrigOFALSE19962-6 Players
Chronology: Sports EditionFALSE19962-8 Players
The Coping Skills GameFALSE19962-4 Players
The Anger Solution GameFALSE19962-6 Players
BokstavlekenFALSE19962-1 Players
HestespilletFALSE19962-5 Players
Mix N MatchFALSE19962-4 Players
Final Argument of KingsFALSE19961-12 Players
Business Game DelftFALSE19962-4 Players
Das Lieblingsspiel von Adam RieseFALSE19962-2 Players
Tour FemininFALSE19962-4 Players
Big Bubba’s Redneck Trivia GameFALSE19962-6 Players
Host Your Own Quiz Night: Trivia Team ChallengeFALSE19962-2 Players
Party & Co ExpansionTRUE19963-2 Players
All Stars CoachFALSE19962-2 Players
Chronology JuniorFALSE19962-8 Players
The Algae EaterFALSE19962-6 Players
Bruce’s Price is RightFALSE19962-6 Players
World Cup TennisFALSE19962-2 Players
Fnf in einer ReiheFALSE19962-4 Players
Zagadki Smoka ObibokaFALSE19961-6 Players
Neworld: slenska viskiptaspiliFALSE19962-4 Players
Szczury PustyniFALSE19962-2 Players
Bagration 1944FALSE19962-2 Players
Waterloo 1815TRUE19962-6 Players
Arnhem 1944FALSE19962-6 Players
WingsFALSE19962-6 Players
Quatre Bras 1815FALSE19962-2 Players
1943FALSE19962-2 Players
Attack VectorFALSE19962-2 Players
CommodityFALSE19962-6 Players
Boppin’ BeeFALSE19962-4 Players
ZakgeldspelFALSE19962-4 Players
DNAFALSE19962-4 Players
NajedcyFALSE19962-6 Players
Pohjoisen Pikajunan ArvoitusFALSE19963-6 Players
101 Dalmatians: Spin for SpotsFALSE19962-4 Players
IglooFALSE19962-2 Players
HeibelwijkFALSE19962-4 Players
Therapy, The Second SessionFALSE19963-6 Players
Ninchen LottoFALSE19961-4 Players
Monster Pack #1TRUE19962-16 Players
Kokoa kuvaFALSE19962-8 Players
Time on Target: German Rare VehiclesTRUE19962-3 Players
PipelineFALSE19962-4 Players
King of the HillTRUE1996– Players
Rennraupe RosalieFALSE19962-4 Players
SwitchFALSE19962-2 Players
The Mummy’s MessageFALSE19963-15 Players
Tolle Tanten tanzen TangoFALSE19962-12 Players
That’s Donald PokerfaceFALSE19962-4 Players
Fang die MausFALSE19963-5 Players
Die Feuerwehr ist da!FALSE19962-4 Players
Die kleinen Biber bauen einen DammFALSE19962-4 Players
Alles Banane!FALSE19962-4 Players
Das KofferkarussellFALSE19962-4 Players
Ein Kamel, ein Kamel…FALSE19963-6 Players
Pocahontas-Abenteuer-SpielFALSE19962-4 Players
La Batalla del Ebro, 1938FALSE19961-2 Players
RuberwaldFALSE19962-4 Players
TresorknackerFALSE19962-2 Players
Wuffi komm heim!FALSE19962-4 Players
Pi-Pa-PokerFALSE19962-4 Players
Goofy & Max: rgern macht Spa!FALSE19962-4 Players
Kreuz & QuerFALSE19962-4 Players
CharonFALSE19962-4 Players
HazarFALSE19962-12 Players
Maus pass auf!FALSE19962-2 Players
Garten KunterbuntFALSE19962-6 Players
Script-tionaryFALSE19964- Players
Hot DiceFALSE19962-4 Players
BimmelketteFALSE19962-4 Players
Quiz & Co. EuropaFALSE19961-8 Players
BretagneFALSE19962-5 Players
In the Land of EgyptFALSE19961-4 Players
Slick-Tac-ToeFALSE19962-2 Players
Happy CamperFALSE19962-2 Players
Digi-QuateFALSE19962-4 Players
Higher Digi-QuateFALSE19964-6 Players
La pulce mattaFALSE19962-12 Players
Phantoms of the Ice SonderspielerTRUE19962-1 Players
QuarksFALSE19962-2 Players
SixonFALSE19962-2 Players
TriadeFALSE19962-2 Players
Balancing BobFALSE19962-4 Players
Ball and ChainFALSE19962- Players
C-TEC-OPOLYFALSE19962-6 Players
Super Vache L’extensionTRUE19962-6 Players
Histria Mgica de CatalunyaFALSE19962-6 Players
Grunge GolemFALSE19962-8 Players
ChartsFALSE19963-5 Players
Brlin: Das StadtspielFALSE19963-8 Players
Iron & Fire: Naval Rules for the American Civil War & Ironclad Period 1850-1880FALSE19962- Players
Barbarossa CampaignFALSE19961-2 Players
IncarcerationFALSE19962-8 Players
Bee Victorious!FALSE19962-2 Players
Familjen AnkaFALSE19962-4 Players
OsmosisFALSE19962-4 Players
CarreeFALSE19962-2 Players
MayaFALSE19961-1 Players
New York City VisionsFALSE19962-16 Players
You’re the BossFALSE19962-5 Players
Brain Quest card game: Grades 5 & 6FALSE19962-8 Players
LinguaFun!FALSE19961-4 Players
The Towers of BelTRUE19962-5 Players
Guerilla: Universal Rules for WarfareFALSE19962- Players
The Game of the NasottiFALSE19961-7 Players
DarkballFALSE19962-2 Players
Card SpinFALSE19962-3 Players
Super GamesFALSE19962-4 Players
Pocahontas Adventure VCR GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Tic Tac PhoneFALSE1996– Players
Spine Chilling GamesFALSE19961-6 Players
Het Groot Van Dale Spel der Nederlandse Taal: Welk Woord?TRUE19962-6 Players
Mago: Youngest of the Lion’s BroodTRUE19962-2 Players
The Great Battles of EpaminondasTRUE19962-2 Players
The Truceless WarTRUE19962-2 Players
Het Groot Van Dale Spel der Nederlandse Taal: Spreekwoorden en GezegdenTRUE19962-6 Players
Het Groot Van Dale Spel der Nederlandse Taal: EtymologieTRUE19962-6 Players
SMARTFALSE19962-6 Players
Banner BaseballFALSE19961- Players
Norge-spilletFALSE19962-4 Players
UH!FALSE19962-2 Players
Unng stuingFALSE19963-4 Players
TrimokFALSE19962-2 Players
SAILWorthyFALSE19962-6 Players
Rommel’s BattlesTRUE19962-2 Players
Astrix prsente Oblix contre HattackFALSE19962-4 Players
Warhammer Quest: Witch HunterTRUE19961-5 Players
Zahlen-DschungelFALSE19962-5 Players
Spot’s First Snap CardsFALSE19962-4 Players
Schwerpunkt: Volume 1TRUE19962-2 Players
Laugh TraxFALSE19963-6 Players
The Golf GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Pizza-ExpressFALSE19962-6 Players
Stip StapFALSE19962-6 Players
EkodetektywFALSE19962-4 Players
Hit the Dirt: WWII scenarios for CrossfireTRUE19962-6 Players
Double SeriesFALSE19962-1 Players
1830: The Pere MarquetteTRUE19963-7 Players
3D RiskFALSE19962-8 Players
Robo FightFALSE19964-4 Players
Body LinkFALSE19962-4 Players
Classic Battletech: Technical Readout 3039TRUE19962-6 Players
Het grote maan roos vis letterspelFALSE19962-4 Players
DBR Army Lists Book 2TRUE19962- Players
Horse SenseFALSE1996– Players
Octopus DominoesFALSE19962-4 Players
Pam & TomFALSE19962-4 Players
Cherubion Stratgiai Gyjtgets TrsasjtkFALSE19962-5 Players
Ach, du dickes EiFALSE19962-4 Players
Indecision 96FALSE19962-2 Players
Le Franc-Tireur #1: Indochine 1940TRUE19961-2 Players
True or False: skrapspelFALSE19961-1 Players
PEMDAS RacerFALSE19962-4 Players
Pulitzer PrizeFALSE19962-4 Players
Monopoly: Cleveland EditionFALSE19962-6 Players
EnvirochallengeFALSE19962-6 Players
Duel ModerneFALSE19962-6 Players
Take Back Your Community!FALSE19962-8 Players
A Trip to MexicoFALSE19962-6 Players
Wheelin’ AroundFALSE19962-4 Players
TexOpolyFALSE19962-6 Players
Hearts for KidsFALSE19962- Players
Monopoly: Denver EditionFALSE19962-6 Players
OratoryFALSE19962-4 Players
Shock HockeyFALSE19962-2 Players
Formule D Circuit 12: SOUTH of AFRICA GRAND PRIX Kyalami CircuitTRUE19962-1 Players
Formule D Circuit 13: SAN MARINO Autodromo Enzo & Dino FerrariTRUE19962-1 Players
Formula DFALSE19961-1 Players
Argonians-3TRUE19962-12 Players
Pro Football Hall Of Fame Trivia GameFALSE19962-4 Players
San Francisco 49ers Trivia GameFALSE19962- Players
Questions pour un ChampionFALSE19963-5 Players
Warzone: Dawn of WarTRUE19962-2 Players
Behind the LensFALSE19961- Players
Vandfaldet: Bvere p tmmersejladsFALSE19962-6 Players
RitterFALSE19962- Players
ClubFALSE19961-4 Players
The Lie Detector GameFALSE19964- Players
Marvel Power GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Marines the gameFALSE19962-6 Players
Spider-ManFALSE19962-6 Players
Parkany 1683TRUE19962-2 Players
ASL Annual ’96TRUE19962-2 Players
Top: Das Geheimnis des ErfolgesFALSE19962-6 Players
101 Dalmatians Puppy PairsFALSE19962- Players
Castles, Cogs & ChevaucheesTRUE19962-2 Players
StranamoreFALSE19964-8 Players
O Guia dos CuriososFALSE19963-1 Players
Monopoly: Turkish editionFALSE19962-8 Players
Battletech: First StrikeTRUE19962- Players
Het Groot Van Dale Spel der Nederlandse Taal: JeugdFALSE19962-6 Players
Critical Hit! Issue 3TRUE19962-2 Players
Critical Hit! Issue 4TRUE19962-2 Players
Battletech Record Sheets: 3025 & 3026TRUE1996– Players
VITP variant: Story of the Eight-Eight fleetTRUE19961-2 Players
ASL Open ’96 Scenario PackTRUE1996– Players
Drles d’animauxFALSE19962-4 Players
Zulu, Battle of IsandhlwanaFALSE19962-5 Players
Trivial Pursuit: 1997 EditionTRUE19962-24 Players
Rout Pak IITRUE19962-2 Players
Finito: Gra Twoich KocwekFALSE19964-8 Players
Jogo X-MenFALSE19962-6 Players
Activity Code WordFALSE19963-16 Players
Battletech: The PeripheryTRUE19962-6 Players
Story Time A Sequence Story GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Battletech: Explorer CorpsTRUE19962- Players
BattleTech Record Sheets: 3055 & 3058TRUE19962-6 Players
Netrunner: ProteusTRUE19962-2 Players
BattleTech: The Fall of TerraTRUE19962-6 Players
BattleTech Field Manual: Draconis CombineTRUE19962-6 Players
BattleTech: The Battle for CoventryTRUE19962-6 Players
Sci-Fi TriviaFALSE19961- Players
Murder Mystery Party: Murder at the GrandFALSE19966-6 Players
Convers Spiel-Stadt-StrategieFALSE19962-4 Players
ProBingoFALSE19962-4 Players
E.C.W. D.B.A.FALSE19962-2 Players
Rout Pak 1TRUE1996– Players
Destination: Rain ForestFALSE19962-4 Players
GuildesFALSE19962-6 Players
Activity Ergnzungsset 1000 Jahre sterreichTRUE19963-16 Players
Girls’ 20 QuestionsFALSE19962-7 Players
DallifantFALSE19962-4 Players
Who’s at Home?FALSE19962-4 Players
Grote SchattenjachtFALSE19962-6 Players
Biker Mice From MarsFALSE19962-4 Players
ZitterpartieFALSE19962-4 Players
The Battle of Beiden PassTRUE19962-2 Players
Acchiappa il Fantasma!FALSE19962-6 Players
Ledici Dice FootballFALSE19961-2 Players
Teddy SchlabbermaulFALSE19962-4 Players
A Farewell to KingsFALSE19961-1 Players
The 7 DwarfsFALSE19962-4 Players
Der GourmetGuruFALSE19962-8 Players
Cingls des jeuxFALSE19962-4 Players
Activity 1996TRUE19963-16 Players
Party & Co FamiliarFALSE19963-2 Players
MARCO POLO REISE-SPIEL FrankreichFALSE19962-4 Players
Marco Polo Reise-Spiel DeutschlandFALSE19962-4 Players
Quiz & Co. SportFALSE19961-8 Players
Michael Jordan’s Cosmic CourtFALSE19962-4 Players
Mecha CarnageFALSE19962-8 Players
Battletech Record Sheets: 3050TRUE19962-6 Players
Battlefield Auerstadt 1806FALSE19962-2 Players
Aus Dem TraumFALSE19961-2 Players
BlockersFALSE19962-2 Players
RTL BoxenFALSE19962-4 Players
5, 2, 3: GackereiFALSE19962-4 Players
Plains WarsTRUE19961- Players
Soccer Replay: Euroclub 95/6TRUE19961-2 Players
Soccer Replay: Top English & Scottish Clubs 1995/6TRUE19961-2 Players
CroismoFALSE19962-2 Players
X-ItFALSE19962-4 Players
Pocahontas: Das romantische FamilienspielFALSE19962-4 Players
Rund Um’s Rote KreuzFALSE19962-6 Players
Das Ostfriesische TeespielFALSE19962-7 Players
DuelFALSE19962-2 Players
Assedio alla RoccaFALSE19962-2 Players
NormandieFALSE19962-5 Players
Imagine That! The Puzzling Memory Matching Game! African Safari EditionFALSE19962-4 Players
Surf ‘n TourFALSE19962-6 Players
poco a pocoFALSE19962-2 Players
Achtung! Panzer!TRUE19962-2 Players
The Quest for Piptwynn’s ScrollFALSE19962-2 Players
KiCKranFALSE19962-4 Players
Cityspiel Mnster: Wer ist der cleverste Unternehmensgrnder der Stadt?FALSE19962-4 Players
Career ExplorersFALSE19962-6 Players
Yafra 1942/1945TRUE19962-2 Players
Jurassic Park Electronic Battling Raptors GameFALSE19962-2 Players
Sailor Moon: Quest of the Guardian Card GameFALSE19962-4 Players
GramopolyFALSE19962-6 Players
Championship Speedway Racing StockCar GameFALSE19962-6 Players
1850 JrTRUE19963-6 Players
Eglantine et les fourmisFALSE19961-2 Players
TraumatosauresFALSE19962-2 Players
Jet FighterFALSE19962-2 Players
Minimal Space CombatFALSE19961-2 Players
UNO DiceFALSE19962-4 Players
Super Bis: DeutschFALSE19962-6 Players
Ach Du Lieber BiberFALSE19962-6 Players
Bambus-Bren-Bande Reise um die WeltFALSE19962-4 Players
Lo Sbadiglio del DragoFALSE1996– Players
Pop CityFALSE19962-8 Players
de Bono: Two Smart GamesFALSE19962-2 Players
Junior PartyFALSE19962-6 Players
Toy Story: The adventure gameFALSE19961-6 Players
All-Star Baseball Card GameFALSE19961-2 Players
SaratogaFALSE19962-6 Players
Virtual EmpireFALSE19962-6 Players
Knuckle Down the NileFALSE19961-6 Players
QuadrifidFALSE19962-3 Players
Mulberry Bush GameFALSE19962-4 Players
Ground Pounders: The STAR CORPS Card GameFALSE19962-4 Players