This stunningly beautiful board game with over 480 beautifully hand-drawn Animal/Dinosaur Cards along with a well-designed Animal Encyclopedia has reached its goal on Kickstarter and now looks to be coming to life hopefully soon.

The games artwork is beyond beautiful with the art style of a old encyclopaedia you will most likely be spending most of your time playing admiring the cards themselves.

This Kickstarter is the final campaign of Darwin’s Choice, and a chance for you to obtain the base game while also picking up the encyclopaedia.

To play the game each player is to create animal species that are as optimally adapted as possible.

Only such animals are able to obtain enough food for themselves in the biomes, which is crucial for their survival.

Between the Eras that are played, biome changes along with Event Card effects transform the prevailing conditions.

Using sophisticated mutations, players can improve already established animal species or save endangered species from extinction.

The player who has collected the most Darwin Points with their species will be declared the winner at the end of the game.

There is much more to it then that but it’s a great game that you and your friends will love when you are not staring at the artwork.

For more details and your last chance to pledge for this game check out the Kickstarter campaign using the link below

Kickstarter Campaign

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