Are you looking for another Duelling Deck builder to add to your collection? Do you like free print and play games?

AracKhan Wars is a Competitive Card Game for you that is prefect for the Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering Fan.

This is a fantastic deck building game where 2 players battle for dominance in Epic Duels. As you take control of a province of AracKhan and defy your opponent on the Battlefield.

Players will Launch the assault with there army of 23 cards! Cast different spells! making sure they place there cards wisely and counter the plans of there opponents. Having strong skills as a strategist will be as critical as the value of your cards will determine who wins at the end of the game.


Arackhan Wars has the following components

  • 23 Blue Faction Cards
  • 23 Green Faction Cards
  • 23 Gray Faction Cards
  • 23 Red Faction Cards
  • 4 x 20 Faction Tokens
  • 1 Round Tracker

How to Play


  • 2 players will compete, each will choose a deck color, they will build their 23 card deck, with a maximum value of 125 points.
  • The decks must be properly shuffled, this will constitute your pile.
  • Unless the players are dueling on a mat, they will define a game zone that will become the Battlefield.
  • In AracKhan Wars, on the Battlefield every card placed face down (during the Placement Phase) or moved (during the Activation Phase) must be or end its movement, adjacent to another card.
  • Adjacent meaning bordering one of the 4 edges of an ally or enemy card and in an available space.
  • After the end of the 9th round, each player adds the values on the cards present on the Battlefield with a token of his or her color. The player with the highest added values wins the game.


Draw Phase

With the exception of the first Round, each player will draw 2 cards during this phase.

Card Placement Phase

The player beginning the Round must place 2 cards from their hand face down, one after the other. Then their opponent does the same.

Reveal Phase

The players simultaneously reveal their cards and place their color tokens on the intended area, on the gem.

Activation Phase

The player beginning the Round can activate all or some of their cards placed on the Battlefield (and Astral Plane), in the order of their choosing (when a card with a token is activated, the token is flipped to the deactivated side). Once their turn is finished, their opponent can then activate their cards.

End of Round Phase

The players flip their color tokens on the active side and discard the necessary cards

How to Download this Game

AracKhan Wars is a available to download Free on Print and Play Arcade

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