The latest news making its way around breaking the internet is that the classic board game Clue or Cluedo as the game is known outside of the United States of America is getting a major renovation. 

The History of Clue

Clue was originally designed by English musician Anthony E. Pratt between 1943 and 1945 as a tabletop version of the elaborate murder mystery parlour/role-playing games that were common at the time. 

Anthony E. Pratt – Getty Images

Pratt frequently witnessed these types of games in action during piano playing gigs at private homes and drew his inspiration from what he had seen. 

After he patented the game in the year 1947, and the sold it to UK game manufacturer Waddington’s, who began selling it in the UK in 1949 under the name Cluedo.

The game was later on sold in the US getting its clue name but a lot of country’s like the UK and Australia kept the original name. 

Clue is Getting the Makeover Treatment

The interior design and home design resource Houzz has teamed up with Hasbro and this Will be the first time the mansion has undergone any sort of renovations since the game was originally released in 1949.

It’s about time for a refresh of the game and this it’s actually how Hasbro is celebrating the games 70th Anniversary. 

So what’s happening the competition is for us fans get to vote on what option for the replacement or changes to the great hall in the middle of the board gets put into Hasbro’s next release of the game. 

How to Cast your Vote

The poll is currently open but it closes on  Sept. 9, so make sure you hurry over to the site  if you want a chance to cast your vote and be involved in the strangest board game renovation competition/only board game renovation competition ever 

Head on over to Houzz to vote for what change you want to see 

This isn’t the first time Hasbro has done something strange with there Clue franchise over the last few years. 

With the toy company releasing the parody game Clue Lost in Vegas last year as apart of there parody series of there classic board games. 

This doesn’t surprise us as more and more new board game titles hit our shelves classic titles like clue and monopoly are going through huge facelifts and changed to try to stay relevant in the modern board gaming scene. 

Check out the game Description below to learn more about Clue Lost in Vegas or head over to Houzz to vote and make a change to this classic 70-year-old board game. 

Clue Lost in Vegas

Clue Lost in Vegas – Image by Hasbro

From the publisher’s website 

Clue Lost in Vegas It’s an adult party game version of the classic Clue board game. 

Players take the role of Seven friends that reunite for a weekend in Vegas, but someone had a little too much fun. 

When only the 6 of you wake up in a dishevelled hotel room that Sunday morning. 

What happened to Buddy where is he? 

The only clues you have about his whereabouts are a few snapshots from the night before.

Players have to figure out: who was the last person to see Buddy, where they left him, and what they were doing. Eliminate the suspects and discover the who, where, and what to solve the mystery. Buddy could have been with handsome Jack Violet, charismatic Ava Carmine, forgetful Nathan Jade, or someone else entirely. 

Can you find Buddy in time to make your 4 pm flight home? 

The player to solve the mystery before time runs out wins!

Change things up on your board game night with the Clue What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas board game.

This is also a hilarious adult party game that looks great. 

The Hasbro Gaming and Clue names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro.

• Include gameboard, 6 plastic pawns, 30 cards (6 character cards, 6 action cards, 9 location cards, 9 mystery cards), hotel key sleeve, clock spinner, notepad, 2 dice, and game rules. 

• ADULT TWIST ON CLASSIC CLUE GAME: Do you remember playing the Clue game as a kid? The Clue Lost in Vegas game is a funny adult twist on classic Clue gameplay

• SOLVE THE MYSTERY: Your friend, Buddy, went missing during a reunion trip to Vegas; now you have to figure out who the last person was to see him, where they were, and what they were doing 

• FUNNY GAME FOR ADULTS: Inspired by classic Clue gameplay, players try to eliminate the suspects and solve the mystery to win

Check out Hasbro’s Website to find out more about Clue Lost in Vegas 

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