Board games for some it brings a visual of sitting around happily playing a game of trouble with your siblings or hours playing monopoly on a raining afternoon. For others, however, it brings back memories of that lecture you got from your parents when you flushed all the monopoly pieces down the toilet after losing to your sister for the third time that week.

As it stands everybody knows that person that is super competitive or it may be you whatever the case here are a few games that peg you as the players against the game itself and will hopefully direct that drive to win for the good of humanity.

Pandemic Series

Pandemic is a series of games that have the players try to defeat a group of infectious diseases trying to wipe out humanity. Players take turns trying to cure cities in an attempt to beat the virus before it spreads too far and becomes unstoppable. This game is fantastic and will beat the players in most cases which makes it a real challenge there is also a legacy version of the game that involves the game-changing over time and things that occur in the games affect your future efforts.

Forbidden Island Series

This series of games revolve around the players retrieving items and escaping a collapsing world. With pieces of the board being removed as the game progresses this game is a race against the clock before you and your fellow players are wiped out. With a quick play time and three unique games, this series is fantastic for a quick cooperative game.

Unlock Series

Are puzzles more your style? This series along with its companion app function as an escape room there is a whole catalogue of these games to choose from however they can only be played once due to their nature no damage is done to the actual game giving you the ability to give to a friend or resell. (Or if you are like me and have a terrible memory just wait a week and you can play it again)

Dead of Winter Series

For the person that still wants to have an element of competition even in a cooperative game dead of winter is the game for you with one player (or potentially no Players) a secret betrayer you will spend the whole game guessing everybody’s intentions and not knowing who to trust. This fantastic game now even has an expansion that lets you place two teams against each other so you can let that competitive monster out of the cage in a more contained fashion.

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