In the Pilot of the hit cop comedy Brooklyn 99 we are introduced to the character of Detective Daniels along with the rest of the 99th Precinct.

She is described by Terry as someone who is better at desk work and making coffee than her actual job and is friends with Norm Scullyand Michael Hitchcock.

However after the season pilot for the show Daniels is never seen again.

Theory’s from getting the actor getting another job honestly, we will never know. 

All that said, it’s definitely odd that Daniels’ character wasn’t carried on since every other character in the scene has been on the show ever since. 

That pilot appearance from Daniels was her first and last on the show, and to this day, no one knows why she didn’t continue on the series when her character was first presented as a potentially important one.

Even crazier, the role is completely uncredited on IMBD, so we have no information on the actress or anything else.

It’s not uncommon for tv shows to have significant changes from there pilots episodes.

A great example of a significant change from the pilot is with the series scrubs the show was filmed in a different hospital entirely from its pilot episode.

So based on experience and the logistics inside Hollywood it’s very likely that the actress moved onto other things or it was decided the role wasn’t needed. 

However a running fan theory is that Daniels and mean marge are actually the same person! 

Even tho that theory feels almost magical we are not so sure but what do you think? 

Who is Detective Daniels? 

Will we ever see her again? 

Is Detective Daniels and Mean Marge the same person? 

Detective Daniels

Mean Marge

Another theory from the creator on the show on a reddit AMA is there is a spoilers revealing the fate of Daniels in season 6 of the show! So if you are like us get watching and if you find it leave a comment below.

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