Funko has done it again with its exciting new creation Funkoverse if you have ever wanted to actually take your pop vinyl out of the box and actually play with them like many of us have.

I still remember the exciting moment when I first took the baby Groot that danced out of its box and set it free on my desk where he belonged there was no way he was going to be contained by a prison of cardboard. But I’m getting distracted what is Funkoverse you are hopefully asking if you haven’t already decided to stop reading after that last tangent.

Funkoverse is a tabletop game created by the team at Funko each game is based off a different pop culture franchise with Batman, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty and the golden girls already having been announced. 

The game is designed for two to four players and is suitable for the ages of ten plus. You can choose a two-pack or four-pack set, each complete with two-sided game boards, components, and the same set of rules. The packs also include scenarios to play through to add even more depth and tactics to the gameplay. But from everything we know so far Funkoverse is designed so that longtime players of miniature games and players new to the genre can jump in and play with the game having options to please both levels of gamer.

It’s not available in stores yet but if you live in the USA you might be in luck with Funko running some demos starting today at GenCon with copies available to buy early at these sessions 

But hurry GenCon finishes Aug 4th and then you will have to wait until October with the rest of us 

Click here to book a Demo Session

Update: You can now Purchase Funko Games using the Link Below (Affiliate Link)

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