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Ideas for Board Game Merchandise that the Gamer in your Life will Love!

Having a friend or family member that is big into board game can sometimes be tricky to buy for. 

These people in our lives usually have a wall of board games and finding one that is to their taste and they don’t already have can be a challenge if you yourself are not fluent in the language of modern board games. 

However, don’t worry you don’t need to know everything about modern board games to get them a great gift here are 10 options that are perfect for the gamer in your life that’s tricky to buy for. 

Option One: A Dice Tower 

A dice tower is a perfect gift as most gamers will know the challenge of working with players that have issues keeping dice on the table or have strange dice rolling practices that look very suspicious. 

These towers come in lots of different options designs and colours so there are options for everybody and are a great addition to any gamers table. 

Here are a few examples of what you can find available

I love this one because its simple and clean and looks great if you want something portable – Click Image for Link

However, you can also try making them – Follow this link (

or if you are looking for something fancy Q-Workshop Do some Really Cool looking ones on Amazon Link below

Option Two: A Top 100 Board Games Scratch Poster 

When I first saw this poster on my Facebook feed I knew I needed to know more immediately. This poster is designed by the group at Top Lists and with its custom artwork and amazing look any gamer would be proud to work his or her way thought this list. 

BEST BOARD GAMES OF ALL TIME – the top 100 games featured on this scratch-off poster are in accordance with the Board Game Geek database of the greatest board games as of August 2019

Gamers will scratch off panels once they have played or own the games listed in Top 100 list from the highest rated board games on the popular community site 

Once this is done they can proudly display the custom artwork below the pattern showing there friends and family how much they love gaming and how many board games they have played. 

Grab a Copy using this Link From Amazon

Option Three: Digital Dice 

With everything in our lives no syncing to our mobile devices and the internet it’s about time that dice join the party with lots of options available to choose from the world of Kickstarter has brought us some amazing digital dice that can do a range of different things depending on the product. 

For some examples and options check out the list below of digital Dice now available. 

Boogie Dice 


Option Four: Board Game Bowls 

Remember those days of trying to put all the components of your popular Euro Game into piles with components going everywhere only for you to find a wooden token weeks later under your couch as you scratch your head trying to work out the game it belongs to. 

Well, the gamer In your life will no longer feel this pain when you get them these sweet as Board Game bowls. 

These great looking bowls will be a much-loved addition to your gamers table as their games will all have somewhere to belong as they sit on the table with components no longer wandering across the room when confronted by feline guests or stray knocks of the elbow as Felix explains his masterpiece strategy. 

These Bowls are Truly Magical Looking but there are heaps of options on the market

Option Five: A Gaming Table

Is gaming a huge part of your gamers life is there a room dedicated to the storing and playing of these games? 

Well, why not place the perfect product in the middle of this room with the addition of a board game table. 

These tables range from the basic to the advanced so I recommend you source the table that is right for your situation but here are some cool examples over at board game tables

Option Six: Meeple Pillow or Box Bands 

It’s a meeple that’s a pillow it looks great and it’s comfortable… 

Check it out Below

A giant rubber band that keeps your board game box from opening in unwanted or unexpected places.

Check it out Below

Both great small options to fill the number six slot. 

Or why not get both?

Option Seven: Board Game Themed T-Shirt 

Why not get them some awesome Swag with a great board game-themed T-shirt now they can wear reminders of there favourite board games wherever they go from the shops to a wedding.

Games like Settlers of Catan, Pandemic or Ticket to Ride and many more options will be there with them. 

You can find these all over the internet but this is one of my favourites – Link on the Image

Option Eight: Gaming themed Posters 

The team at boardgame geek have released some stunning movie-style posters reflecting different board games. 

These are available for purchase on their website and would make a great addition to any gamers house or gaming room. 

Check out this link to find out more 

Option Nine: Custom Game Addons

Loads of board games have custom components available for purchase to enhanced the gaming experience

I love what MeepleSource Do with there packs – Not an Affiliate Link

But you can find these on Esty or Ebay or Amazon just depends on the game, with some games like Scythe having retail upgrade packs that you can buy from the publisher.

It all depends on the game but might be a great option for a gamers favourite game.

You can also 3d Print check out our Wingspan Artice for an example on where to get these types of resources

Option Ten: A Board Game Carry Bag

Most gamers would know that transporting games for games night can be a real challenge and nothing makes this easier than having a custom board game bag to transport them. 

This is the one that I personally use and I love it – affiliate link 

However, there are heaps of great options out there to choose from every style and size. 

Get a Ultimate Bag Here

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