Potential Spoilers for Flash Season 6 and theory crafting ahead

If you don’t want to read about any possible spoilers for the Flash Tv show please click away now

Ok we warned you!





Ok 👌

The internet has revealed some fantastic set photos from the Flash season 6 episode 8 that alludes to a potential appearance of the Negative Flash or a Bloodwork Controlled Flash in the latest season.

The set photos from Canada Graphs link below


reveal some costume changes for Barry after a potential fight with bloodwork that change the emblem on his chest and a few other aspects of his costume giving a hit of some potential negative speadforce however this is not how Nora’s costume appears last season so it could also just be some kind of indication that Bloodwork is controlling him or hand some kind of hold on Barry maybe.

Whatever it is we might just need to wait until the episode airs to find out but it’s a lot of fun theorising so leave your theory’s in the comments below.

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