Who is Theo Sassler – The Big Bang theory

Do you want to know who Theo Sassler is and why his name was mentioned in the Big Bang theory scroll down to the bottom of this article to find out more?

Tv shows and episodes drop names of random characters or Easter eggs all the time.

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About The Big Bang Theory 

Today we are talking about the hit show The Big Bang theory this show was a hit globally and spanned for over 12 seasons before finishing in 2019. 

The show follows a group of scientists as they navigate life love and social conventions and was a huge success.

During the 10th season Of the Big Bang theory In the 6th episode of the season titled The Fetal Kick Catalyst

The episode originally Aired On the October 27, 2016 penny and Leonard get into a discussion about the Van Nuys Comic-Con.

During this conversation Leonard and penny get talking about the conversation circuit and if penny should go sign signatures.

In this exchange, we hear about Theo Sassler 

Who is Theo Sassler – The Big Bang theory

In this exchange between penny and Leonard 

Penny: Leonard, it’s sweet you’re excited about this, but it’ll be a miracle if one person asks for my autograph.

Leonard: Are you kidding? I once paid $20 for Theo Sassler’s signature.

Penny: Who’s that?

Leonard: Oh, I don’t even know. I just liked his name. Theo Sassler!

Who is Theo Sassler

Well if you have found yourself on this page the chance is you like many before you have gone looking for anything they could find to work out the origin of the name Theo Sassler. 

Well, it turns out that this is just a fake name the writers used just like Lennard thinking it was a cool name for a theoretical actor. As Theo Sassler does not exist with any links to the Big Bang theory or the show. 

Disappointed like we were yeah probably….

But it’s ok we still think that Theo Sassler is a cool name for a theoretical movie star and maybe he will make a cameo in penny’s next movie.

All we know is the writers are showing the fans a little bit of sass with this sassy Easter egg that leads nowhere.

If you find out some new details about this Easter egg please let us know in the comments below as we have followed this rabbit hole only for it to be a dead end.

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