Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if you merged an Iron Man Comic with Ready Player One?

One of the more Obscure Marvel Comics Stories from one of the latest issues of Iron Man lead to the creation of a VR environment that feels a lot like the VR World of Ready Player one this world is first introduced in Tony Stark: Iron Man #3 and creates a fantastic Storyline that explores Tony Starks Return into the Marvel Comics Universe after his return from his “Death” in Marvels Civil War Two.

In this issue, Tony Stark debuted what may be the most powerful version of the Iron Man armour ever. In the pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man #3, Tony has been trapped in the virtual reality eScape he created.

In this VR reality, the self-styled god of that reality, Motherboard, took advantage of Tony having recently recreated his own persona after nearly dying during Civil War II storyline after Captian Marvel bashed him to death, to rewrite his personality to be more like the careless billionaire playboy he was before becoming a hero.

His Battle in this eScape Word shows us into what tony is experiencing emotionally as a clone of himself while also showing off an awesome new armour set with the Godbuster Amour.

About eScape

The eScape Interface is a headset modelled after the faceplate of the Iron Man Armor which grants its user access to the digital Vr world called the eScape, a virtual platform created by Stark Unlimited.

A few months afterwards, the eScape went live on the market. The excitement surrounding it resulted in people camping out and making blocks-long queues waiting for stores to restock the device. In online auctions, eScape interfaces went for twelve times the retail price, making them more valuable than gold or platinum.

However, the Controller had hidden his Control Disk technology in the design of all of the interface masks, allowing him to enthral its users worldwide and leech energy off them, and making it near-fatal to strip the mask off them. Baintronics additionally made use of the factory to produce and ship bootleg interfaces.

Even though Stark managed to get all the eScapers off the system before the villain revealed himself, the Controller facilitated access to hostile users who had been previously banned.

The Controller additionally allied himself with Baintronics, making use of one of their manufacturing and fulfilment centre to supply logged-in users all over the world with real-life weapons to unwittingly wreak havoc on their surroundings.

While Iron Man went after the Controller, Jocasta enlisted Machine Man’s help and had him use his skeleton key to access the eScape and help solve the crisis.

Stark Unlimited chief roboticist Andy Bhang eventually managed to develop a blocking signal and encoded it into a sound file that was broadcast all over the world, safely shutting off the eScape interfaces.

Check out the Video From Comics Explained for more details on this Awesome Storyline in Marvel Comics

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