Board Games If you have found your way to this corner of the internet the chances are you are looking for some suggestions about board games to try during your next board game night, date night or its raining outside and we can’t leave the house and have no other options scenario. (also there is nothing on Netflix)

Well if that’s the case you have made it to the right place here are 10 board games that were first released in the year 2000+ (that’s right monopoly you are not relevant) that you and your friends might enjoy trying out.


Pandemic, this game is the ultimate game for people that hate the “competitive nature of boardgame” or as I like to call them sore losers. The game is cooperative where you and your friends play the role of disease management specialists trying to stop a pandemic from spreading across the globe the twist the board game will try very hard to beat you and may win a lot but at least you all lost together right?

Can you stop the pandemic and beat a lifeless board game, probably not but you can try.


Because Portuguese tile-laying has never been so fun.. WAIT Whaaat?

Yes, you heard me this tile-laying game requires you and a group of your friends to place colourful tiles on a board in certain patterns to score points its the right combination between creative and analytical its a fun game that is very enjoyable and will have you rethinking your bathroom tiling.

Dinosaur Island

Have you ever watched Jurassic Park and found yourself thinking this will be great as a board game, Wait no just me um ok awkward. Well, this board game speaks to the dream you never knew you had, as you clone dinosaurs and create a theme park to show them off gaining points and trying to maintain your security levels to stop your guest from being eaten.

Will you build the best park all will all your guests get eaten by your dinos, why isn’t this a PR disaster this questions may be answered in dinosaur island.

King of Tokyo

We should play a game where we are giant monsters trying to destroy Tokyo city said nobody ever… But seriously why not King of Tokyo is a fantastic dice rolling game where you and 4 other Monsters Friends will try to become the King of Tokyo but just like Elvis there can only be one king so watch out because as soon as you take the city your friends will use their abilities and attack dice to attempt to take you out.

The last player left wins, or you can always just get the 20VP first but rolling sets of three but wheres the fun in that.


Become a merchant and trade in all sorts of goods as you and your friends explore the city of Istanbul, with the first player to collect the required Gem count (that changes each game depending on the player count) this game will have you trading and exploring while you try to be a true trendsetter and not show up in the same place as somebody else.

Istanbul, where hoarding and being a loner, is encouraged and a lot of fun!

Dead of Winter

Zombieeeeeeeees! This Cooperative Teamworkish game has you and your players thinking that you are working together, but people are jerks and have their own agendas so actually there is a hidden betrayer and a bunch of hidden goal cards that do everything they can to make everybody look sketchy. So really in this social experiment of a game, you try not to be eaten by zombies while working out if Suzie is trying to ruin Christmas for everybody.

Sounds stressful and it is but its also some of the most fun you can have in a couple of hours that will have you and your friends making inside jokes for weeks.

Camel Up

Have you ever wanted to bet on a camel…? Ok yeah, its never really crossed my mind to but this game will have you beating on camels as they race across the desert trying to predict the winner and get that sweet sweet gold. It’s a great fun game that will have you setting traps and using speed boosts to try and help your furry horse friend over the line first.

Zammel the camel is a bad racer and should be retired into glue…

Men at Work

In this travesty of workplace health and safety requirements, you and your friends juggle sticks and bricks on tinny people figures while trying not to bring the whole thing crashing down. Its a dexterity game witch is code for don’t drop things or if you excel in putting ships into bottles this game is for you.

This is a great light game that’s really great for anybody as it requires more movement then advanced problem-solving skills so it’s great for all ages.

Five Tribes

This is the ultimate match the colours get 10 points kind of game this board game will have you and your friends moving meeples (mini people) around the board mancala style activating powers and taking territory depending on the last space you place you drop a meeple.

It’s fun creative and very puzzling but you and your friends will love it and hopefully get the same amount of enjoyment as we have over the last few years playing this game.

Tiny Towns

Tiny towns is a great little puzzle game that has you building different patterns on the board to construct buildings. In the worst example of town planning ever resources are placed on the board depending on the random decision of the active player and each player must then try to use it to construct a building over multiple turns.

However a few simple rules make this a significant challenge, you can’t move a resource and you must always place a resource run out of space on your board and the game is over and that’s your final score.

Did you like these board games?

Are there any modern board games you think should be on a list like this or you would like me to write about leave a comment below.

Make sure you share these games with your mates and try a few out you won’t regret it.

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