With all the hype around Thor Love & Thunder including a female version of Marvel’s Famous Norse God Fans are now scrambling into theory crafting mode to work out how Jane Foster will take up the title of Thor in the MCU.

What About the Comics?

In the Mighty Thor, Comic Series Written By Jason Aarons Fans Were shocked (and some unhappy) to see Jane Foster take up the Hammer Mjolnir after Original Sin when Nick Furry rendered Thor unworthy with three secret words “SPOILERS” for those that have not read the comics.

Jane stepped in to defend Asgard, even though she was in treatment for breast cancer, and every time she became Thor, she cancelled out her chemotherapy.

One thing is for sure with Mjolnir now absent from the MCU the first thing the writers and directors of love and thunder will need to do is find a way to introduce the power of Thor or a new hammer as soon as possible, and this may be set up in the upcoming Dr Strange Multiverse film.

But What if it’s not an alternate universe hammer well with Mighty Thor as a foundation, here are some Theories that we think might cause Jane Foster to become Thor and how it might happen.

Please Note: These are fan theories but may contain Spoilers for Comicbook readers if you want to avoid these Click HERE NOW to go back to our homepage

Thor Becomes Unworthy

This is probably the most unlikely as Thor has already found himself going through a similar emotional /identity-based journey, but the running theory is that Thor could lose his power causing it to be transferred to Jane for some reason.

This would then start the Mighty Thor Storyline while Thor Wrestles with what it means to be powerless and to be a God and without his identity or his hammer.

However he as already gone through a similar journey during the infinity war, endgame and Ragnaroks storylines.

So its development almost seems pointless and to try to use this storyline as the character growth of Thor feels like it may have just been repeated.

Let’s face it Thor needs a win.

Thor Dies & Jane is needed to replace him

This would suck and its the film most of us probably don’t want, but it would work and with Captain America and Iron Man Exiting the MCU it’s not impossible.

I can hear women (and Men) yelling everywhere no!! at the thought of losing Chris Hemsworth but you just never know.

The Second Part of this Article Contains SPOILERS for the Mighty Thor Comic Series if you have not yet read this head of to Mightyape and grab a copy

or you can head over to this youtube channel (Comicstorian) to watch a summary I have placed a copy of this video at the bottom of the page…..

Jane gets Taken Over By the Tempest God

This is my running theory and what I would love to happen, In the Comics it is revealed that Mjolnir is Actually the God Tempest a cosmic level storm that was trapped in the hammer.

So if we spend some time thinking back to when it was destroyed by hela we could theorise that it was freed and maybe decided to inhabit Jane Phoenix Force style could be a fun a creative way to introduce a second thor into the MCU.

However, due to the absolute train wreck that was X-Men Dark Phoenix, this storyline may be a risk the MCU may not want to take.

What are your Theories

What are your Theories head over to Mightyape to get yourself a copy of the Mighty Thor Comic to start your theory crafting or check out the video below of the Comicstorian dramatic reading of the Jason Aarons Mighty Thor series.

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