What’s your coolest LEGO achievement chances are it would have to be pretty impressive to top this brick masters latest achievement YouTube user Luke99 built this fully-operational crane machine. 

This LEGO master builder has taken every kids desire to have a skill tester (Crane Machine) at home to practice one to a whole new level with this truly head-turning creation. 

We first found out about this which we first learned about this while ago while watching this video by the Beyond the Brick YouTube channel this was one of the highlights among the many cool things at the 2019 Brickworld conference hosted in Chicago. 

Last Month Luke Posted another video on Youtube giving us a closer look at this very cool machine.

This masterpiece Its made up of “over 13,000 individual LEGO blocks, all put together by hand one pics at a time and then locked together with the use of no glue at all.”this masterpiece Is huge and as big as the real thing and stands at over 30-inches wide by 30-inches deep and six feet in height. 

Everything in this crane machine is 100% LEGO even all of the machine’s mechanics, “including all the motorized elements and coating,” were built using components from the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system.

There is an EV3 power brick runs the claw, along with this four motors that guide it to run along the top and down then into the toy pit, to transform a bunch of lego blogs into an actual machine is really an impressive feat that deserves more attention than its been getting so make sure you check out Lukes Video below and drop a like on his video because this really is impressive.

This really is a great achievement

Check Out Luke99’s Video Here

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