Days of Wonder have announced today that there latest hit roll and write game Corinth is now free for players to print and play at home.

Players will need to BYO dice to this game but will be able to experience this fantastic roll and write free while stuck at home in isolation.

Corinth is a roll-and-write game and one of the latest games published by Ticket To Ride publisher Days of Wonder. 

What’s are Roll-and-write games we can hear you asking are pretty much what they sound like: You roll a set of dice and then mark something off on your personal scoresheet based on some choice of the dice you rolled.

Yahtzee is probably the best-known roll-and-write games, while games like railroad ink have started a resurgence of the gaming mechanic. 

Corinth’s twist, is the way the dice—a minimum of nine each roll—are parsed once rolled. There’s a small board, the only game part beyond the dice and the scorepad, with six spaces on it.

Once the dice are rolled and placed, the active player/ the person rolling the dice gets to choose all the dice in one row and either use their row function or their face value.

The players go around the table and select from the remaining rows; in a two-player game, the roller gets to select a second row. The actions you take correspond to three of the areas on your personal scoresheet.

At game end, you get one point per two gold and one point per two goats remaining, so even if you don’t need them for buildings, sometimes you should use them anyway to grab few extra points.

The game ends after every player has had 18 turns in a two- or three-player game or 16 turns in a four-player game. You add your points from the shops, the merchant maze, any gold or goats left over, and if you built the first building you get three points per completed building (up to 12 total).

The game is simple and fun and a great roll and write and now it’s free using the download link below so make sure you click below and grab a copy.

Download Link

Click here to download a free print and play copy of Corinth

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