Boomerang: Australia is on Kickstarter having launched on February 13th

Players will Explore the amazing lands of Australia in the new version of this “draft & write” game! Visit the most beautiful places in Australia.

While touring, you will meet local animals and enjoy tourist activities, such as hiking, swimming or simply taking beautiful pictures! But don’t forget that this trip is not only for pleasure — you all compete to be the best visitor and discover most of Australia!

The come-back-again card game has returned with new art, new rules and two sister games! Now you can draft-and-write around the world!

How to Play

In Boomerang, players are touring Australia, trying to see and do as much as they can before their holiday ends!

By spotting native animals, collecting pieces of Australiana, and doing other holiday activities, players will earn points.

Each round players will draft cards, mark off various accomplishments on their score sheets, and at the end of the game, the best traveller will win.

You little ripper!

The game is fast to learn and smooth to play.

It gives players lots of nice choices as they select which cards to draft, without burdening them with layers of rules.


Check it out on Kickstarter

To Check out Boomerang on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

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