The Great Wall Board Game is the latest edition to Kickstarter and has reached 100% of its pledge goal setting up this game concept to become a reality.

The board game is a 1-4 player 120min game that is the New major Game from design company Awaken Realms and is set in ancient China around the Great Wall.

Players will be tasked with Building and defend the Great Wall in a unique worker placement style / euro game!

The board looks fantastic with the artwork reflecting ancient China and the character minis looking like they will have a huge amount of detail and able to be painted for those mini enthusiasts.

There are also elements of levels on the board with the ability to stratification placing players like archers higher on the board.

Awaken describes the game as a unique experience explaining that Players will take the roles of generals of an ancient Chinese empire who lead the defense against ruthless hordes.

They will need to gather allied advisors, manage workers, recruit armies and, together with other players, raise and defend the Great Wall!

As the game progresses, you will often need to negotiate and interact with other players, but make no mistake there can be only one winner.

The game also has a huge amount of components making it a really impressive looking experience every time you bring it to the table.

If you want more details about this game and want to find out more make sure you check out the Awaken Games Kickstarter Page for more details link below.

Kickstarter Page

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