The number of times I have discovered a game or expansion on Kickstarter only to notice moments later that the game’s campaign is over. The other pain is waiting sometimes a year+ for your game to finally be delivered.

Well, you are in luck with this campaign … hopefully (if you are reading this in time) because this campaign still has 14 days left after being backed over 1000% the best part is just like previously run leader games Kickstarters they will be releasing a print and play pre shipping.

About the Expansion

Players will return to the world of Root with The latest Marauder Expansion.

Raze the Woodland to the ground as the fearsome Lord of the Hundreds, or recover precious relics from this destructive conflict as the Keepers in Iron.

Explore dozens of faction combinations, including many new head-to-head matchups with the hirelings and advanced setup cards. New and experienced players have never had so many ways to enjoy Root

New Factions & Gameplay Options

Root: The Marauder Expansion introduces two new factions and new gameplay options:

• Lord of the Hundreds is both charismatic and terrifying. He rules over a vast horde of warriors recently arrived to the woodland and is interested only in its domination. To help speed his conquest, he lights massive fires which can spread throughout the woods and destroy the buildings of other factions. The Lord also interacts with crafted items, which he can plunder from players. These items increase his strength, but also cause him to develop an increasingly fearsome monomania.

• The Keepers in Iron are strangers to the Woodland, here only to recover the scattered and lost relics of an ancient civilization. The Keepers work to establish way-stations across the woodland and form alliances with other factions in hopes of recovering their relics more quickly. They will often find themselves deep within enemy territory as they search for their relics. Thankfully their finely crafted armor makes them difficult to dislodge.

Both of these factions are suitable to Root’s two-player game, bringing the total number of two-player factions up to five without the use of bots.

Root: The Marauder Expansion also introduces a new level to the conflict for the woodland: Hirelings! These small factions can be used at any player count and introduce surprising new power combinations as well as a chess-like tension to lower player count games of Root.

Finally, The Marauder Expansion also includes a new set-up draft system suitable for both casual and competitive play.

The most exciting part for print and player enthusiasts.

A quote directly from the campaign: At Leder Games, we are committed to sharing our design process openly. As with campaigns in the past, we’ll be releasing preview kits both as print-and-play files and mods for Tabletop Simulator.

The first of these kits will be released on Thursday the 25th, and the second will arrive on the week following. 

If you are a print and play enthusiast then this will excite you with the ability to make the game yourself and start playing before the box even ships.

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