For all of those drawable and drawing game lovers out there, there is now a new kid on the block subtext. This drawing game with a twist will be a must for those that love to show off their art skills every chance they get.

The details of the game are very simple with it allowing for 4 – 8 playing making it exclusively a group party game and each round lasting around 40min.

Each round, one person is the dealer. This player looks at their word, then shuffles the card into the cards for the other players and distributes them randomly. By doing this, one player will have the same word as the dealer, but nobody — not even the dealer — knows who it is.

In Subtext, players try to communicate with one another by drawing hints about the word on their card. Drawing well is not required — just being clever in selecting your hints.

The dealer then draws a picture, and you want to hint at your word so that ideally only the person who has the same word will understand what you’re depicting. In the subsequent guessing phase, all players (including the dealer) guess which player got the same word as the dealer. Points are awarded based on the number of incorrect guesses, but the dealer and their partner have to guess correctly to even get points. How vague do you want to be in your drawing efforts to still get your message across without anyone else knowing it?

This is a great new party game and really provides another alternative for all those pictionary fans out there with a bit of a twist.

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