Cupcake Academy is a co-operative game being released by blue ocean games that has players working as a team to achieve perfect cupcakes in a limited time. 

The game is for 2 – 4 players and is a quick 10 min game that is perfect for a fun filler game during your board game night.

Cupcake Academy Board Game

Players will need to work together in order to shift the cupcake wrappers around on their mats and the neutral central mat in there quest to order to match the target pattern, moving on to the next one before time runs out.

If Players complete enough patterns in time then they win the game.

The game includes pattern cards for two, three, and four players, and at the more difficult levels, players will need to work together as they trade cupcake wrappers through the neutral map so that they all end up with multiple wrappers of the same size.

Its recommended players be smart and communicate in order to beat this fast pace game.

Release date

Cupcake Academy will be released later this year in 2020

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