If  you are a bit tight for cash but are still looking for some new games and have access to a colour printer and ready to do some arts and crafts well this post is for you.

The board game community has got your back with some fantastic games that you will love in print and play format, this category is full of great free games that you and your friends will love, all in a printable version.

This featured Print and Play Game is Give Me The Brain

Game Description

Working in fast-food is hell. All the employees are zombies, and you can’t find a single brain amongst them. Except for the brain part – there is, in fact, one brain – that’s the premise of Give Me the Brain!, a card game in which players take on the roles of zombies in a fast-food restaurant in hell. They all have to complete a number of tasks before leaving work, and the work keeps piling on. Even worse, some of the tasks require basic intelligence and there’s only one brain to go around.

Give Me the Brain was the first in Cheapass’ long-running and popular Friedey: Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned series, featuring fast food zombies in a number of entertaining scenarios.

The goal is pretty simple: to empty your hand. Your cards represent tasks that you must perform, some of which can’t be played without the brain. Other cards represent bid cards, which you can use to grab the brain when someone else drops it. This happens a lot, because the brain is pretty slippery.

Give Me the Brain has gone through several editions, though the basic gameplay hasn’t changed since the original. You can get the superdeluxe edition from Cheapass Games right now.

Download Give Me The Brain Below


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