To celebrate a reprint of there popular game reef the company best known for there hit game Azul is giving away a free copy to one of there Facebook fans.

To win all you need to do if head over to the next move games Facebook Page and let them know the box design you prefer from the two new redesigns.

Next Move Games Facebook Page

About Reef

In the game Reef, players take on the role of a coral reef, carefully selecting colors and patterns in which to grow and expand.

On each turn, players can choose to pick up a new card from a choice of four, or play a card that is already in hand.

Each card provides two reef pieces and a pattern that scores points if the existing reef has it (after placing the two new pieces).

Whoever has the most points when the reef pieces (or card deck) run out wins!

Reef is an abstract strategy game suited for players aged 8 and up.

While it could take thousands of years for a coral reef to grow, a game of Reef should take only 30-45 minutes.

So what are you waiting for click the link above and get in the running to win this awesome game.

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