Everybody loves a crossover right the idea of seeing your favourite characters showing up somewhere unexpected is a thrilling experience that every fan usually gets excited for. 

So In what is potentially one of the most unexpected and strangest crossovers around, The popular collectable card game magic the gathering is getting a collaboration with characters from the children’s tv show My Little Pony. 

This isn’t the first time My Little Pony has shown up somewhere strange with My Little Scythe being released as a collaborative effort between the same franchise and stonemaier games. 

Bringing the My Little Pony characters into the Scythe universe and creating a child friendly version of the board game. Well this time it’s not to adapt Magic for kids but it is for a really good cause. 

The three-card promotional set called Ponies: The Galloping will be available later this month with all net proceeds of the set going toward Extra Lifeto benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The offical product description lists that 

A donation of thirty dollars ($30.00) per card set will be made to Extra Life benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Friendship is Magic: The Gathering in these silver-bordered My Little Pony cards! Three of your favorite ponies neigh into the fray, one of them with a double-sided surprise!

In partnership with Extra Life—and in the spirit of love, friendship, and beyond—each purchase of Ponies: The Galloping raises funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

These silver-bordered cards will be sold alongside matching playmats on HasbroPulse.comstarting October 22, as well as four digital card sleeves available in Magic: The Gathering Arena. 

These limited edition cards will be sold exclusively as a box set for $50 between October 22 and November 5, or until sold out but are only available for delivery address in the USA and Canada so if you are a Pony fan outside of this area you might have to try to get a copy of EBay. 

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