Pokemon Fans were in an uproar late 2019 with the hashtag #gamefreaklied trending on twitter for a couple of days after it was revealed that the new games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will not be including a national Dex.

This Lead to some fans posting there cancelled preorder notifications online in protest as anger at game freak escalated until fizzling out after the game’s release.

Well, fans can now kinda get the National Dex but it will cost you with Nintendo revealing its new Pokemon Home Service costing $15.99USD a year.

The service allows players to transfer there pokemon from existing pokemon games into Pokemon home then transfer them to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

With fans even creating a complex diagram to describe how a person would transfer pokemon from as far back as the Golden Ages.

How to Transfer your Gameboy Advance Pokemon to Pokemon Home

What do you think about Pokemon Home will you buy it?

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