If you where born in the 90s there is about a 50/50 chance you have had a dream about owning your own Pokémon. 

Well, this strange animal from Mexico & the Latest Pokemon Game Due to release this November might be your best chance of having this dream come true. 

The Axolotl an animal out of Mexico Its a bizarre amphibian (Water Pokémon) capable of regrowing limbs and even its spine with ease.

But the greatest thing about this amphibian is its resemblance to the latest Generation Water Starter from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games 

Don’t believe us check it out for yourself



I know right it’s crazy!

So get on it, but seriously you should take time to consider The responsibilities involves with pet ownership before making any big discussions.

But it’s pretty awesome

Alternatively, if the whole responsibility thing isn’t for you.

You can just wait until pokemon Sword & Shield hit to shelves in November

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