Are you a Fairytale fan?

Well, Wizard of the coast has released to new cards into there Throne of Eldraine that feels like it was pulled straight from jack and the beanstalk.

This almost seems fitting with Wizards of the Coast placing food is the new central mechanic for Throne of Eldraine, the next upcoming set for Magic: The Gathering.

These two new cards are perfect to merge the idea of Magic and Food together they just seem to work. The set relies heavily on the new tokens, and a special guest so it will be interesting how this move back to a more fairytale theme goes with the fans. I for one am excited by this move.

It’s a set that moves away from the Marvel-Esque Gatewatch story that has been the previous theme. The characters that have made up the previous Magic arcs. This new set has more of a focus that Wizards and observers are pitching as Grimms’ Fairy Tales crossed with Camelot. Something we are very excited by Side note if you do love this theme make sure you check out the Grimm Forest Game by clicking here we highly recommend it.

The first cards revealed for the next pre-release season both look back to this food heavy theme and indicated that food tokens would be a thing, and the next two cards — Gilded Goose and Golden Egg — both use these food tokens heavily.

Check out the Cards Below

Golden Egg

Golden Gilded Goose

Where / When to get it

So it looks like the latest magic set will involve a lot of mead and magic with the move to this very mystical them

If you want to get hands-on with the cards in the new Throne of Eldraine series as soon as possible.

The official pre-release events for Throne of Eldraine will kick off over September 27 to September 29.

You can find the local game stories participating in the pre-release events here.

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