Entrepreneurs What if we told you that there’s a board game where you can make all your startup dreams succeed?

Would you be interested I am sure you would well you are in luck the latest board game to hit Kickstarter has you doing just that?

Startup is an epic game of business and strategy. Raise funds, hire employees and play ruthlessly to make your startup THE NEXT BIG THING.

You play as a startup on the board competing against other startups in a race to succeed before them.

Startup: The Board Game is a 2-4 player strategy board game in the wondrous and unnerving startup space. There are no friends except the money in your bank account and no other way to succeed except going all out. Capture growth, raise funds and compete against friends to be the biggest startup on the board.

Players start the game as a self-funded startup with just $10K in your account and with 7 cards in your hand, play your cards strategically to hire employees or take on investors to gradually go from self-funded to IPO.  

Your aim here is to hire employees, take on investors and work on projects so as to increase your bank balance, your valuation and going from a garage operation to an IPO on the board

Players will collect characters and build a team of employees on their road to business success

Our Thoughts

The artwork looks great but there are little details on the gameplay and quality of the components (With Brittany Hahn Stating on the Kickstarter Page that a gameplay video will be available soon) but its defiantly worth a look so put down that Garry Vee podcast and head over to Kickstarter to check this one out.

Startup on Kickstarter

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