What age is the best time to start teaching your child about the joys of board games? Well, there are plenty of people debating this around the board game community a lot of people will agree that there are some fantastic board games on the market for 2-year-olds that are bound to keep your child interested and having fun while learning each step of the way.

Here are the top 6 board games that I have found highly recommended and some brief descriptions. All of these games are have high-quality components and

Acorn Soup

Game Description

Making Acorn Soup is easy as 1-2-3! The round box bottom doubles as a bowl, which contains wooden ingredients and a sturdy wooden spoon for mixing and stirring. Simple recipe cards teach toddlers to identify the ingredients and count as they cook. Mix, stir, eat and play together! Counting, pretend play, sorting, fine-motor skills are benefits of this fun, interactive game! INCLUDES: 8 recipe cards, 24 ingredient tiles, 1 wooden spoon, parent guide and instructions.

Monkey Around

Game Description

Get ready to get up and move! Monkey Around contains 40 cards that prompt players to do movements together – from hugs to high fives, to simple skills like balancing, hopping, and marching. Included in the game is a bean bag banana that adds to the fun and learning. 
A wonderful first board game for kids that was created specifically for you and your two years old. Kids love getting to move about while playing a game!

Here, Fishy, Fishy!

Game Description

In the free play, the children experiment with the fishing rod, the sea, as well as all the funny sea inhabitants. They swim happily in all directions and discover many exciting things to play with. In the game with rules, the children have to catch a fish of the colour appearing on the die. Whoever manages is rewarded by the fish and gets a toy that he can then puzzle into his template. Who is the best angler and collects all his toys first?

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My First Orchard

Game Description

This game is based on the brand’s classic Orchard game but adapted for the smallest ones. The rules are adjusted to their age and the game material is specially designed for small children’s hands. The beautiful and handy wooden pieces are also very suitable for free play and fostering better motor skills.

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Eeny, Meeny, Moo, where will I find you?

Game Description

Farm animals play hide & seek. Who wants to help search for them? Two entertaining game ideas provide diverse educational opportunities. Eagle eyes and an elephant’s memory win this farm theme hide & seek game.

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Little Builders

Game Description

Master builder Matt is the head of the large construction site and there are lots of things to do! He has many plans for the colourful houses that have to be built today. The children help Tim the labourer transport new building blocks from the quarry to the construction sites. Time, however, passes quicker than you might think. Will you finish your houses in time before Matt and Tim’s working day is over?

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What Board Game do you play at home

Let us know in the comments below what board games you play with your kids at home we would love to hear your suggestions

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