Hosting a party or a gathering can be an overwhelming task for most with the latest studies showing that Research supports this idea of, pointing to the existence of “ambiverts”—people with balanced, nuanced personalities composed of both introverted and extroverted traits – Source

It makes sense that a lot of us want to have our friends over and entertain. However, the task can still be overwhelming with the complexities of making our events a successful evening.

With all of this complexity in mind, I have a question for you.

What if you could add an element to your next social gathering that would help it be a success? Would you do it?

I am sure a lot of you would answer yes so keeping this in ming Here are three reasons you should include board games in your next social night.

Board Games Encourage Conversation

Have you got a group of people over who don’t know each other and you can just cut the social tension with a knife, and you’re afraid if you don’t act soon there will be real knives involved?

Try a game like Cash and Guns, The Resistance or Spyfall these games will have your guests yelling at each other in no time (positive yelling guys not that other type) as they attempt to uncover spies or try to take home the most loot. These games are easy to teach and highly relational and will forge friendships or Disclaimer: life long arch enemies in a moment.

Board Games are easy to set up activities.

Is your night flopping because those $8 conversational staters you got from your local stationery store have your guest reflecting on their emotional issues and everybody is now sitting around staring at there phones?

We why not try a digital board game like the Jackbox titles or a Board Game Escape Room? These games are highing engaging, and don’t require a lot of rule explanation making them quick to set up and fast to play.

Board Games Take themed nights to a new level.

Are you planning that Zombie-themed / Game of Thrones / My little pony party? well lucky for you, you won’t have to sit in a circle in costume wondering what the point of dressing as if you were going to do normal Friday night activities

Instead, you can play games like Dead of Winter, Game of Thrones or My Little Scythe there are 1000’s of board games matching different themes so why not throw one in and add a whole new dimension to your party.

And make the dressing up worth it.

So the next time you are planning a little gathering of your friends and family maybe its time to think about adding a board game to your event.


So next time you are looking for a way to enhance your next social gathering why not include a Board Game?

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