I am really excited about this one is coming blue orange games in 2020!

Draw’n’Roll Gives us a new Dice Game Experience from game designer Antonin Boccara this unique clue-guessing game for 2-6 “dice-tectives” that plays exactly as its name describes with the game involving drawing on then rolling dice.

Each turn players will grab a pen and draw clues on a very cool looking erasable dice for a specific theme, then roll them onto the table for others to interpret while you are likewise interpreting your opponents’ themes with the goal of scoring the most points.

The trick is, you can’t touch the dice after they’re rolled, so you have to physically move around the table to decipher clues drawn from all angles.

About the Designer

Draw ‘n’ Roll is designed by designer Antonin Boccara, you may know him as the creator behind Fiesta de los Muertos a recent French board game of the year nominee and a party board game in which players guess each others’ characters before they ascend back to the afterlife.

Publishers Description

Draw’n’Roll is a drawing game of image association for dice-tectives! Draw clues on your dice faces so that the other players can work out your theme. Roll the dice and try to find the themes of other players to win the most points. But be careful because you can’t touch the dice! It is up to you to move around the table and decipher the clues drawn from all angles!

Release Date

Draw’n’Roll will be released in 2020

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