Marvel’s House of X/Powers of X event is a very complicated storyline that is full of references to the X-Men past and hints at the X-Men future making it one of the most important events to happen in comics especially for fans on the X-Men.

So if you are new to the X-Men comics and looking to jump in headfirst I would highly recommend this series if you are ok with a fair bit of reading.

Jonathan Hickman, R. B Silva, and Pepe Larraz have delivered a beautifully rendered and textually dense reinvention of one of the biggest franchises in comics history but as you will discover Hickman loves to give you heaps of details and spends a lot of his comics unravelling the story slowly bit by bit. Making the only bad thing about Hickman comics being you have to wait for the next issue.

But not in this case, House of X and Powers of X are both recent comic series published in 2019 and set the stage for what is to come for the X-Men in Marvel comics.

So this is a now spoiler post so we don’t want to go into heaps of details around the storyline so ill leave it at that if you don’t want to read without knowing more and would like to a video explaining some more details of the series get out Rob from Comics Explained with some more details.

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