Bethesda has released an announcement on todays Nintendo direct that has Doom Fans hit with a wave ok nostalgia as it was announced that the Nintendo Switch is going to be getting Doom 64 on the 22nd of November 2019.

With this announcement, it looks like Bethesda and id Software are not just marking the 25th anniversary of Doom by re-releasing the original games on modern platforms they’re also re-releasing one of the most popular console versions of the game so fans can relive there childhood years playing this classic adventure again.

This was all announced as part of the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, with Nintendo also revealing that Doom 64 is coming to the Switch on November 22nd.

There are not many in-dept details at this stage about the game or if they will add any additional things to the Switch Version, but we do know it’s getting a rather large visual upgrade with higher-resolution, widescreen graphics that feel more like a game that was made for a 2019 console than a relic from 1997.

Fans of the Doom 64 game will remember that the game wasn’t a port. It was considered a sequel to the Doom II game, and it included both 32 brand-new maps as well as redone artwork and tweaks that included a new laser weapon, the “Unmaker.”

The Game wasn’t as popular as the core Doom PC titles, but it had its own group of loyal fans and with the move to the Nintendo switch people will be able to play Doom 64 just about anywhere, even if it’s on the commute into work. We Expect this will establish a whole new group of Loyal Fans to the game and see it become bigger than ever.

If you missed the Nintendo Direct and want to see what else was announced you can check it out here

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

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