Board Game publisher Eagle-Gryphon Games has announced it will be skipping Kickstarter for its next release of Rococo Deluxe Edition.


The game welcomes you as the player to the Rococo era.

Louis XV reigns in France, and it’s the height of fashion to attend his lavish balls where important luminaries dress up in extravagant gowns and fancy frock coats, all eager to surpass one another in elegance and grace.

In just a few weeks, Louis XV is hosting the final Grand Ball of the season, and everyone is clamouring for you to provide them with an elegant frock coat here, a sumptuous gown there, or even a small sum to fund the great fireworks display. Y

ou quickly realize that it’s not just about your tailoring business anymore; it’s about creating a presence at the most prestigious ball of the era and the chance to gain everlasting fame and prestige.

About Rococo Deluxe Edition

In Rococo: Deluxe Edition the reimplementation of the board game Rococo, you are the owner of a distinguished tailoring business endeavouring to increase your prestige.

Each turn, you play an employee card that allows you to perform a task, such as hiring a new employee for your staff, tailoring exquisite gowns and frock coats to rent or sell, or funding some of the many decorations.

However, employees are not always able to perform all tasks, so you must plan carefully how you direct them, especially as each employee grants a unique bonus — including some that generate prestige.

The Grand Ball ends after seven rounds with a huge fireworks display and a final scoring determining the winner of the game.

You will gain prestige points for the sumptuous gowns and frock coats you have rented out to guests at the ball, certain employee bonuses, and the festive decorations you have funded. Whoever has collected the most prestige at the end of the game wins.

What’s New in Rococo: Deluxe Edition 

Rococo: Deluxe Edition contains the previously released Jewelry Box expansion, the Festivity Dresses expansion, and the Fancy Dresses promo, as well as a new “Madame du Barry” solo mode expansion.

This version of Rococo features changes from the previous edition of the base game, along with premium components including custom poly-resin lace and thread tokens; gold foil heat-stamped, wooden player markers; velveteen cloth bags for garments, silk and jewellery tokens; and upgraded punch boards for the garments, silk, and coins.

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