Do you want to start making your own Print & Play Games?

Are you struggling to get started and don’t know what to do next here are our top suggestions for what you need to #makegamesathome

Why not learn from the best DIY Print and Play Creators Around?

These videos will show you step by step how different designers and publishers make there own print and play games for personal and prototyping reasons.

These are some of the best videos I have seen and recommend them highly.

Rule & Make – How to Make a Print & Play Game

In this video, the Australian Board Game Publisher shows how to make a Print & Play game using the one-page fold format.

This is the method they used to prototype the game, Rise to Power

Rule & Make – How to Make a Professional Looking Board Game Prototype

The Rule and make team show off how they made how to make a professional-looking copy of Burger Up using off-the-shelf tools from your local hardware store.

Martin Gonzalvez – Shows How to make Great looking Cards

How Martin makes Print and Play game cards and has some unique tricks that will impress anybody.

Dining Table Print and Play – How to make Tokens

A tutorial on how to cut tokens for your print & play board games, including a number of little tips and tricks to make the process easier. Included is advice on single- and double-sided tokens and stickering wooden tokens with home-printed labels.

Dining Table Print and Play – How to Make Dice

Four different options for making your own custom dice for print and play games this is a huge 20min video but you will never have another question about making dice again.

Recommended Resources

Are you looking for some of the tools they used in the videos check out these links below

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Sunstar Kadomaru Pro, Corner Cutter

TruLam TL-21144 Heavy Duty Corner Rounder


Note: This thing is a beast!

ABOX Laminator, 13 Inch Thermal Laminator Machine OL381 for A3/A4/A6, with Paper Cutter, Corner Rounder, 16 Laminating Pouches

Paper Stock

White Silk Matt Card Stock 130lb. Cover (300gsm) – 50 Pk (Not for Inkjet Printer) (8.5 x 11)

Binding Spray

Dritz 403 Spray Adhesive

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