Now and then you find a game that is just so simple but yet elegant. My first experience of this was playing deep sea adventure and thinking this game is fantastic can’t there be more games like this.

These where my thoughts when I saw bite on Kickstarter the game is simple elegant and looks fantastic and at a low price point of $24USD.

The mechanism for this interactive-manipu-specu-game (as described by the creators) isn’t buying and selling saffron and sailing boats in the Mediterranean (not that there is anything wrong with that), but it is ants, taking bites of food, and walking back to their ant hill. The order that these Ants finish then affect the final score as seen with this great graphic below.

Bite Now on Kickstarter

At this low price point and the campaign already meeting its goals this is one to back. Check this game out using the link below

See Bite on Kickstarter

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