In this Print and Play Campaign for your copy of settlers of Catan players will need to help the Easter Bunny needs to gain wool to make an Easter sweater.

If you give the Bunny wool on your turn, you can move it around Catan. When the Bunny arrives on a hex, it leaves gifts for the settlers and can even chase away the robber!


In a release today this official print and play campaign will have you and your family (or people in your household) adding a new twist to your copy of settlers.

How to Play

The usual rules of your game or expansion apply. In addition, the following rules also apply.

  1. Moving the Easter Bunny
    After rolling for production on your own turn, you may give the Easter Bunny wool
    (i.e., return the wool to the supply). If you give the Easter Bunny:
    • 1 wool card, move it to any hex not occupied by the robber.
    • 2 wool cards, move it to the hex occupied by the robber and chase (move) the robber back to the desert hex.
    Important: You may only move the Easter Bunny one time during your turn.
  2. Receiving Gifts
    If you move the Easter Bunny to:
    • A terrain hex, each player with 1 or more settlements/cities adjacent to that hex receives 1 and only 1 gift token.
    • Spring Pasture hex, all players who have
    1 or more settlements/cities adjacent to that hex receive 2 gift tokens.
  3. Exchanging Gifts
    If you have at least 2 gift tokens, you must immediately return 2 gift tokens to the supply and take any 1 resource card of your choice.
  4. Moving the Robber
    You may never move the robber to a hex occupied by the Easter Bunny or onto the Spring Pasture hex.

How to Download

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