Shutup Sitdown has got a great video to introduce us to a card game we didn’t know we wanted that will be perfect for your Christmas day

We really love the Boys from Shut Up Sit Down and don’t really remember how to survive life without them… Seriously what did we do?

Well, they are at it again with there latest video (Link Below) about a strange card game called Egyptian Ratscrew. If you haven’t heard about this one don’t worry I had not heard of this strange yet somewhat amusing game until watching this video.

This 11min of your life that you won’t get back will introduce you to a game where not knowing the rules is part of the rules?

For those that like Rules on Paper Check out this link Here

Egyptian Ratscrew Describes itself as an unusual, extremely fast-paced game vaguely reminiscent of slapjack, spit, speed, stress, nurse, etc. for two or more players. It can get pretty hot. Anyone can play, but to be good requires quick thinking, fast reflexes, and tough hands.

So if you are looking for a great game to try with your family or just confuse them why not give Egyptian Ratscrew a try I can’t guarantee everybody will love it but it will be interesting.

If this is not for your check out our post on Board Games you can play with your Grandparents for some great suggestions that really are for everybody.

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