If  you are a bit tight for cash but are still looking for some new games and have access to a colour printer and ready to do some arts and crafts well this post is for you.

The board game community has got your back with some fantastic games that you will love in print and play format, this category is full of great free games that you and your friends will love, all in a printable version.

This featured Print and Play Game is The Very Clever Pipe Game

Game Description

James Ernest doesn’t create a lot of pure abstract games, because he likes to bring the funny. But this abstract card game about pipes and fields really does earn its “very clever” name.

The game consists of a set of cards. The cards have white and black pipes in various six-outlet configurations, and players take turns placing them onto the table. When a player constructs a completely closed-off section of pipe in their colour, he takes all the cards from that section. After all cards have been played, the player with the most scored cards wins. Additionally, the cards also have two different floors (which appear underneath the pipes) that can be used to expand the game to a four-player affair.

The game was re-released in 2002 with a reduced deck (48 cards instead of 120) as part of the Hip Pocket Games series.

Download The Very Clever Pipe Game Below


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