Updated: 25/01/2020 – Half Monsters First game was Terrible Candidate, not Unpopular Candidate

The team from Half Monster games have released an interactive map for there latest release Animal Empire that explores the different factions of the game. 

This is a great resource for fans looking to dive deeper into the Animal Empire card game with stories by Maria Gabriela Orellana and the publisher looking at building on the project even more over time. 

Check out the interactive Map here 


The map adds a new level of lore to the existing card game available now from the Half Monster games website.

With the team from Half Monster games letting us know that it adds an additional level of story, and just exists as a cool standalone thing to explore. The 16 empires in the stories can all be played in our game and will be expanded on in our Tabletop RPG and also the sequel, Animal World War

About Animal Empire from the publisher 

Animal Empire is a territory capture, empire building card game by Half-Monster Games.

Set after the fall of humankind, the Animal Kingdoms have risen up and are vying for dominance to build the first Animal Empire of Earth.

Each player chooses one Animal Kingdom and sends its army out to conquer free kingdoms, search the wilds for magic or challenge other players’ armies. As the kingdoms grow, the only way to truly win is to capture other player’s kingdoms or crown and make them your vassal, eventually building your mighty Animal Empire!

This is an awesome card game brought to you by the team that also created the hit game terrible candidate. 

For more information about Animal Empire check out the Half Monster games website. 

Or Click the link Here

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