Blue Ocean Games is scheduled to release Animix later this year a tricky card-playing, stock-holding game for 2 – 6 players with a stunning animal theme.

This Quick 10min Card Game has stunning looking artwork and is a perfect way to start your board game night.

Animix Board Game

About Animix

In Animix, try to score the most points by keeping the right mix of animals.

The animals you keep score points based on the other animals that are played in the center of the table.

Each type of animal scores points differently, so plan ahead to make sure the cards you keep and the cards you play are the perfect mix to win the game!

Description from the publisher

Animix, Blue Orange Games / Blue Orange (EU), 2020 — on display at NY Toy Fair 2020 Source Boardgamegeek
Animix, Blue Orange Games / Blue Orange (EU), 2020 — on display at NY Toy Fair 2020 Source Boardgamegeek

This card game looks fantastic with its artwork and theme both drawing in the player its a great game with simple gameplay with the team from boardgameegeek giving us some details about how the game is played.

Players on there turn, will either play a card from there hand face down in front of them or replace a card in the array with one from there hand, marking the newly placed card with a token that now indicates that it can’t be replaced on a future turn and placing the removed card face up in front of you.

After the players have taken six turns, they then reveal any face-down cards, then whoever has the most cards of a type (or is tied for the most) scores for that type.

Some examples of scoring are that Elephants score for the longest connected horizontal line, while birds score for a connected diagonal line and wolves for cards on the border of the array, and lovebirds for being in pairs.

It’s great addition to the card game format and we can’t wait until it is released later this year.

Release Date

Animix is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020

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