The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Full of some very powerful characters with the addition of characters like Captian Marvel over the last few years.

Non of these characters even come close however to the power of the offspring of Mr and Mrs Fantastic, Reed Richards and Sue Storm Franklin Richards.

Who is Franklin Richards

So if your only exposure to Marvels first family is from a couple of bad films and one terrible one let me get you up to speed on who Franklin Richards is. In the later years of the fantastic 4 adventures. Sue Storm and Reed Richards got married, and became a family that family then grew a little bit larger when they had their son, Franklin.

In a surprising twist it was revealed that Franklin Richards didn’t just have superpowers like the rest of his family, he was also one of the most powerful beings in the universe being classified as a Beyond OMEGA level mutant.

As the young superhuman child has continued to grow, it has become increasingly apparent that his powers are near limitless.

With Franklins core ability being classified as reality warping. There is really no telling what Franklin could truly be capable of when he becomes an adult.

The only thing holding him back at the moment really is his age. Due to his inexperience and immaturity, Franklin can often lose full control over his powers or fails to use them to their full extent. There are many years left before he reaches his full potential.

But at the moment he is a child but a powerful one at that one that’s powers have been revealed here and there but still remain unexplored.

How Powerful is He

There is a theory that Franklin Richards is in control of the entire marvel comics universe and there is a theory that the only reason why the characters In the marvel universe don’t change, grow old, or die is because Franklin Richards doesn’t want them too.

This theory is know as Marvel Time and was established during a battle with the villain known as Onslaught, the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men all appear to perish.

In order to save his parents and not wanting them to die Franklin creates a small pocket universe called the “Heroes Reborn” universe. Within this universe, all of the perished heroes are resurrected, and eventually, they make their way back into the real world.

Despite its vast size and complexity, Franklin holds his new universe in the palm of his hand as it appears to be a small, blue ball.

After this storyline Franklin Richards heads off with his family to restore the multiverses and has now returned to the main comic universe but what else do we know about him.

One thing that has been theorised is that the character Is immortal as the young Richard’s child has talked to various alternate reality versions of himself, many of which are fully grown.

On one of these occasions, Franklin is speaking to an adult version of himself that seemingly confirms his own immortality.

In a conversation with the world eater Galactus, the two powerful beings talk about the eventual end of all things. Then, it is revealed that Galactus and Franklin will be the last two beings standing at the end of time, ready to witness the rebirth of the universe.

To classify Franklin as merely a superhuman is selling him short. He is near the level of a god, creating an entire multiverse using only his imagination he is really beyond OMEGA Level in power maybe even the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe.

Containing His Abilities.

Franklins father Reed Richard (aka Mr. Fantastic) is one of the smartest scientists in the world and even tho this has not been clearly established in the movies in the comics it is clear.

He has developed some of the most incredible technology the Marvel universe has ever seen and USB the one the hero’s go to when there is a problem.

Whenever there is a scientific problem thought to be too complex to be solved, Reed Richards is there to prove the world wrong acting like iron man did in the MUC Reed is the key person theorised to fill Tony’s shoes.

When it comes to his son, however, Reed has been somewhat of a failure in his quest to contain his sons powers.

In order to protect his family and the world around them, Reed has tried to use several different devices to inhibit Franklin’s abilities.

However all of these devices have failed. One of the inhibitors appeared to work, but it was later revealed that Franklin could turn it on and off at will.

What will Franklin Richards look like in the MCU

Franklin Richards is an example of reset button in the Marvel Comic universe the ability to reset and change anything they wish in the universe just because “Franklin Richards” having a character like this as a plot device is so powerful but it leaves the writers with an issue?

If you have a God like hero why doesn’t he just stop a, b, c.

How do you write stories for a character that powerful.

This is where we see issues with introducing a character like this however creating a character like Franklin Richards allows the MCU to do absolutely anything they want and move into some of the more stranger characters stories and villains that Marvel Comics have ever created.

Whatever the MCU decides to do I really hope they introduce Franklin sometime down the road and give us some of the most epic battles and stories Marvel has ever created.

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