Rusty Industry

Rusty Kingdom needs you This great new print and play game will be an instant hit with your gaming group and a great addition to your board game collection.

Game Description

The Industrial King wants Rusty Kingdom to be the economic supremacy of the World! He invented a grading system to increase competition between ventures in Rusty Kingdom. The venture that scores the highest mark will get a heavy bag of shiny gold coins.

Complex decisions are ahead. Compete with other players, who want the precious money, just like you. The future of your company depends on it.

Oh! There is one more thing. You must hurry! Space on ships in the port is limited. Next ships will be in the port in a couple of months. That’s why there is a limited number of contracts and Export Crates. You need to fill as much space as you can before your opponents!

This is your lifetime opportunity. Imagine all the investments you dreamed about: the top-notch steam technology, additional terrains for building factories and extending your buildings. All you must do is to score the most points to get all the sweet money.

There is no time to waste! Hurry! Remember all the tricks up your sleeve.

Show your friends, that you are a true kingpin! Cash is in your blood. Rusty Industry needs people like you! Prove yourself a brainy entrepreneur. Invest purchasing and upgrading dusty mines, factories full of creaky machinery and Warehouses overrun by rats. Sell wood, iron, bricks and other goods to your opponents and keep what you need.

You build and upgrade buildings to create an economy. Your economy allows you to buy contracts and produce goods for export. The contracts and export will score you points at the end of the game. You can trade with others by getting money for your goods. You can also exchange your goods. In Rusty Industry, you are encouraged to trade by a special scoring system.

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