Dig Your Way Out is, a 2-6 player game published by Borderline and currently live and entirely funded on Kickstarter.

The game puts players in the depths of a prison from which they are competing to be the first to escape. To do so, they will move around the prison to perform actions, and equipping themselves with tools and weapons which they can acquire through crafting, buying with cigarettes, or extorting other players. 

Players can also get help by joining a gang and using their unique skills and connections from their previous life.

Artwork in Dig Your Way Out is from Mihajlo Dimitrievski (AKA The Mico) whose art has been featured in games such as Raiders of the North Sea, Architects of the West Kingdom, and Viral. 

The game will be available in English and French, and Kicksarter campaign comes with an exclusive Officer Buster mini expansion.

To find more information or back the game, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page here.

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