Fringers is a fantastic new upcoming party game from Asger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen, and ABACUSSPIELE.

The game is a real-time co-operative game in which players trade items, but it plays and feels more like a large group party game than a classic co-operative game like pandemic with up to ten players playing at the same time.

Box Art

About Fingers the Board Game

From the Publisher

Fringers is a co-operative action game. You play as a team and based on a goal card try to rearrange the rings on your fingers before time runs out. The players are allowed to give their rings only to their neighbour on the left, while your neighbour on the right will put new rings on your fingers — hopefully with the right color on the right finger.

Release date

This is a unique addition to the co-operative game genre and we look forward to learning more details. Fingers is expected to be released sometime late 2020.

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