Are all your friends busy having social lives and all you want to do is sit at home and play a board game? Then you’re in luck we have made a list of our top 5 solo board games. 

Disclaimer: Most of these games are also great with other players, so when the group does get back together, these games will be a great addition to your collection. 

1 ) Gloomhaven

By Cephalofair Games

Our very best option in terms of solo plank games is Gloomhaven. This board game takes you into a medieval town named Gloomhaven (which does not seem like a place which may get lots of tourists), which requires you take on quests and side quests to allow you to progress through the game. After each pursuit, if you fail or succeed, you go back to Gloomhaven to level up your personality. Within this aspect, it is nearly like a sandbox video game or a DND campaign with the full amount of features which can come within the game and reveals itself time and time again being a board game that’s worth the cost (around $140- $200).

Make sure you watch a few videos before deciding this one is for you due to the high price count you want to be 100% you want to buy this game first if it doesn’t excite you move along down the list. 

2 ) Imperial Settlers

By Portal Games

When you’ve plated 51st State, the very first name by Imperial Settlers mastermind Ignacy Trzewiczek; then you already understand how this game works. If not, then know that you could select from four factions famous of expanding empires, throughout history. Over the span of 5 concludes, you are tasked by growing your area to generate resources and enlarge your economy. This could be done through discovering mines, planting produce in training and fields troops to protect your precious land. By obtaining VPs, you can progress and potentially ruin enemies structures, if you are not playing alone.

Like Gloomhaven Make sure you watch a few videos before deciding this one is for you

3 ) Terraforming Mars

By Indie Boards and Cards

Set in the 25th century, Terraforming Mars tasks you together with, well, terraforming Mars. Like many sci-fi movies that have focused on the prospect of moving out from our little blue dot and making a brand new life in the Red World , this is only one of the greatest solo matches available because you take control of one of the many large corporations that have reached the forefront of creating the brand newest New World. The game comes with loads of preference that, combined with a terrific engine construction mechanics helps bring Mars to life. This is further achieved through using cards that transform the drab scenery of the new home into a lush and booming landscape.

This game is a classic, and both the single player and standard modes are a lot of fun we prefer it with other players, but it holds up in the single player and a worthy addition to this list.

4 ) Scythe

By Stonemaier Games

Set in an alternate history, the planet is fighting unrest and disarray within the midst of a war financed by an entity known as The Factory, Scythe gives the player the chance to farm resources for there country while engaging in a a war here and there.   The match is significantly a location Control board game (or as we like to call it a farming simulator with mechs) which tasks you with taking over land, enlisting recruits, also reaping all those tools are left after a war that ravaged the state. You’ll also need to obtain the trust of downtrodden villagers in hopes of emerging victorious in a world that’s perpetually attempting to pulverise you.

The Autonoma mode in this game is fantastic along with a thrilling multiplayer mode this game is so flexible in its options it works for most group sizes (even more if you add expansions)

5) Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures Standalone Game

By Asmodee

Are you a crime show loving murder mystery show fan well Put your detective skills to the test with all the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Solo game. Here, you aid the planet’s Greatest Detective in resolving a few often mysteries using your creativity, sleuth skills, and attention to detail to get to the base of these new cases. Contained from the game, there are just four cases related to the infamous Jack the Ripper along with an extra six regarding West End Adventures; thus there’s plenty to pick from which will continue to keep you on your toes and guessing during.

This puzzle game is perfect for those just looking for a little challenge to work on after work if you find it hard; it also works well as a couples activity.

Do you have any other games you think should belong in this list leave them in the comments below

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