New York Slice Review by Lucy Jones

Ever thought you’d be diving deep into the world of pizza strategy? Well, hold onto your pepperonis because “New York Slice” is here to serve you a slice of hilarious board gaming! This isn’t just about munching on your favorite cheesy delight; it’s about slicing, dicing, and making those crucial pizza decisions.


“New York Slice” is all about the art of pizza splitting. Imagine this: a glorious, circular pizza is laid out, and it’s your job to divide it. But here’s the twist – the player who does the slicing gets the last pick! So, do you go for an even split, hoping to get a decent share, or do you play the sneaky game and try to outwit your opponents? Decisions, decisions!

Now, what makes a slice ‘good’? Apart from the universal truth of “anything but Domino’s”, the aim is to collect the majority of various types of slices. Got the most meat lovers slices? That’s 9 points for you! But wait, there’s more! You can munch on any slice with pepperoni right away. So, do you gobble it up for instant points or save it for a potential majority win? And let’s not forget the special tiles that come into play, offering unique scoring opportunities and game-changing actions.

Theme & Components:

This game is oozing with theme more than a cheese-stuffed crust! Everything from the pizza box-like packaging to the order slip scoring sheets screams PIZZA.

It’s a delightful, light-hearted theme that’s sure to get everyone from board game newbies to seasoned players on board.


  • Immersive theme: This game is as thematic as a deep dish is dense. Everything, from the box to the rules, is pizza-fied!
  • Engaging decisions: Whether you’re the splitter or choosing a slice, every turn is filled with delicious tension.
  • Perfect balance: It’s a euro game with a twist. While strategy is key, there’s still room for fun and excitement, especially with the battle for slice majorities.
  • Interaction without conflict: It’s all about understanding your opponents without the need for aggressive take-downs.


  • Sometimes, the best way to split the pizza is too obvious, taking away from the decision-making aspect.
  • While the game accommodates 2 players, it shines brighter with a larger group, offering more dynamic interactions.

Rating: 7.5/10

“New York Slice” is a delightful, breezy game that’s perfect for gatherings, especially with a mix of casual and seasoned gamers. It’s quick, flexible, and the pizza theme makes it relatable and fun. So, whether you’re in it for the strategy or just the love of pizza, “New York Slice” is sure to deliver a piping hot experience! 🍕

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