So today I was doing my usual browsing around the iTunes App Store after getting some gift cards for my birthday and stumbled upon something that filled me with glee. 

See I wrote a post a few weeks ago covering some of the board games that had been turned into apps. I spent hours on YouTube looking at the different promo videos and then spent hours more searching the internet for these games then downloading them and playing them. 

I even managed to find links to games that are being developed into apps like Charterstone and viticulture but somehow I missed this game. 

What is Paperback

Paperback by Tim Flowers along with its squeal Hardback is both available for you to download on your mobile device. 

If you are aware of these games I’ll jump pop a link down here and you can exit out and go play them 

Paperback Loading Screen

Jump the ship and go play paperback 

However, if you are not aware of this game let me tell you a little bit about it.

Paperback is a spelling driven deck builder that has Players spelling words to gain income that they then use to purchase additional letters for there deck so they can make bigger words and complete novels scoring them victory points at the end of the game. 

The story behind the game is that you are a paperback novel author that is trying to finish novels for your editor. 

You as a novelist will need to Complete Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance or even the rare Best-Seller.

In your quest To Live the dream of becoming a successful author and even more importantly maybe pay your bills and win the game. 

The game is fantastic and is personally one of my favourite board games I absolutely love it.

Paperback is actually the only spelling game that I currently own because I usually don’t like spelling games and I really don’t like spelling for fun.

Cards have there own unique abilities

Even when I write blog posts like this one I dislike spelling that’s why I use Grammarly it’s not my strongest skill so why would I intentionally play board games that remind me of that. 

Well this game does not make you feel like that at all the deck-building aspect is almost addictive and the cards powers make it almost feel like a layman’s dominion (another deck-building game).

This game really is something you could play with your scrabble obsessed aunt or your grandparents without anybody asking if these goblins love Jesus. The theme is just perfect for all ages. 

App vs Board Game

So we have covered what’s involved in the actual game but what about the app does it live up to the hype I have just created for the tabletop version of the game. 

The answer is mostly yes there are however a couple of reasons I would still choose the tabletop game in different scenarios but overall it’s a great experience.

Try to Create the best words you can to earn more cards

The app provides the same experience you would have if you are playing the game in real life without the added analysis paralysis you find when playing with people as the computers take quick turns.

This is an awesome as it really speeds up the playtime when you are playing against the AI and makes it perfect for a train trip or waiting in a doctors office for an appointment as you can smash out a game in a lot faster time without feeling like the game was rushed.

With that being said if you want to wow your friends and family with a spelling game that is actually fun (did I mention how much I dislike scrabble yet) then the physical copy is what you want to use.

Passing your phone or tablet between 1-2 players works ok but once you add more players the whole experience is much smoother when there are physical cards for each player to use and passing the phone sometimes just feels strange. 

Kind of like you are playing a board game then somebody else takes there turn and you stop playing then you start again… it’s just disjointed. 

Overall thoughts

Overall thoughts the app is really enjoyable and a lot of fun to play and feels a lot like the physical board game. It is fast and reliable and had no issues with it on my mobile devices.

I really have no doubts in recommending this app you only spend $4 – $12 depending on your country so it is also quite affordable and in some places this game really is a steal.

So what are you waiting for you should go grab yourself a copy of this game you will not regret it and find yourself looking at spelling games a whole new way.