Dracula’s Feast is a Free Print & Play logical deduction game for 4-8 players. Suitable for ages 10 and up, it plays in 10-15 minutes.

Dracula has invited all the townsfolk for dinner (and maybe a few for dessert), but some monsters are being a pain in the neck and have crashed the party: now, everything is at stake…

Dance with other guests guess their unique identities, and when you’ve worked out who everyone is, make your Grand Reveal to win the game!

How to Play

Dracula’s Feast is a hidden roles game with no narrator, no ‘eyes closed’ phase, no player elimination, and no generic ‘villager’ role. Each character in the game has a unique ability – Doctor Jekyll can transform into a monster at the end of any of her turns, Van Helsing is here to hunt down Dracula, and the Witch is hiding from her neighbours.

Turns are simple – choose another player, and either:

  •  Inquire their identity, asking if they’re a specific character (they’ll answer secretly with a Yes or No card)
  • Ask them to dance; if they accept, you’ll look at each other’s cards. If they refuse, you may inquire a different player.

Once you think you know who everyone is, you may accuse the party. If you’ve correctly guessed everyone’s identities, you win! But if you get even a single guest wrong, you’re exposed…and have likely given one of your opponents the information they need to win.

It’s simple, fast, fun, and with 10 different characters who can be played in any combination, each game is totally different.

For more information on how to play, view the rules online.

Download The Files

Click the Links Below to Download the Files for Dracula’s Feast to download the game in languages other than English at the JellyBean Games Website.

Download the Rules Here –  Download the Rules (English)

Download the Cards – Download the Cards English

Download the Card Backs – Download the Card Backs

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