Pokémon Sword & Shield has found it self in the mix of conversation this week with Fans blasting the game with negative comments over twitter after it was revealed that the game’s models may had not been recreated for the game as announced by game freak.

So why is that an issue you may ask well

All of this drama comes from the “National Dex” issue, from earlier this year in which Game Freak revealed that for the first time in the games 20+ years it would not be possible to have all past generations of Pokémon in this latest version of the game.

With the main reason given for this change being Game Freak statement that they had to make all the Sword and Shield Pokémon models and animations from scratch for the games move to the Nintendo Switch console.

However days before the games release, dataminers claim they had pulled exact models of Sword and Shield Pokémon from the game, and that these new models are “identical” to the Models from Pokémon Sun and Moon in every way.

This news has the fanbase very upset leading to the  #GameFreakLied hashtag trending on the twitter platform and fans showcasing doggy animations and side by side wireframes of the character models.

The latest addition to this saga today after the games release is now on internet reviews site meta critic with people going out of there way to give the game a shocking user score.

With critics and news outlets reporting a solid addition to the Pokémon franchise this is obviously leaving people fans perplexed as to if they should purchase the game.

Personally I cancelled my preorder then ordered it again latter now waiting for game to arrive as of the creation of this article.

So what do you think? Have you played the game and was it worth getting.

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